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Got the survey from urban-faerie. I'm bored, and waiting for my hair to dry so that I can sleep, so I thought I would amuse myself by doing this. So. (I swear, 'so' is not my favourite word.)



Your name: What's in a name?

Nickname: Yelen, lanny, yel, yal, trip, edith.

Year You Were Born: 1986.

Zodiac sign: Cancer.

What 3 Words Best Describe You?: "Piece of shit". (That was supposed to be funny...)

Do You Get Along With Your Parents?: Mostly, yeah. We have our spats, but who don't?

What's On Your Mouse Pad?: A fox.

Choose 3 bands (past or present) To Play At Your Birthday Party: silverchair (duh!), Radiohead, A Perfect Circle.

Most Embarrassing CD In Your Collection: Limp Bizkit's "... Damn, forget the title. Oh yeah, "Significant Other". I bought it because fucking Ian said it was nice. I shouldn't have trusted his lousy taste in music (silverchair not included, of course). I mean, the guy listens/listened to Korn. Enough said.

Dream Car: Mercedes Benz.

Current Car: I don't drive.

Future Son's Name: Legolas Greenleaf Jr.

Future Daughter's Name: I thought of "Laurel". You know, honour gained from winning something or something like that? But I think it's dumb. Whatever.

If You Could Have Dinner With Any 3 Persons (Dead or Alive), Who Would They Be?: Joaquin Phoenix, for one. Candlelight vegetarian/vegan dinner sounds fantastic. Not that I actually eat vegetarian food, but anything goes if it's Joaquin. :) Um, silverchair, because they're cool and I am dying to meet them/see them live. Peja Stojakovic (I think that's how it's spelled), because, well, he's so darn gorgeous. And a great ball player as well. Did I mention that he won the All-stars long distance shoot-out match? Hehe.

Do You Have Recurring Dreams (Describe): Nope.

Do You Dream In Color?: Definitely. I had this dream with Commodus, Joaquin P. in Gladiator, where he and I were trying to make love to each other. He was naked down there, and um, I shan't go into details, but let's just say it was...pretty colourful. Ha.

Do You Have Any Tattoos/Body Piercings (Describe): None. Not even the ears. Not getting them pierced either.

What Physical Characteristic Would You Change About Yourself?: So easy. Be thinner around the waist. You couldn't tell by looking at me that I have a's embarrassing. I hope I lose it by the time I'm ready to make love. Other than that, I'm okay.

What Bad Habit Would You Change About Yourself?: Eh.

What Do You Collect?: Um. I don't know. Things.

What Is Your Most Prized Possession: My diaries and those books I write my poems in.

Pet Peeves: Traffic jams. They give me a headache. Pop-up ads. They give my computer a headache. People. They just suck. (Except a selected few, of course.)

Worst Job You Ever Had: I, the sheltered middle-class girl, never had a job.

What Do You Wear To Bed?: T-shirt and shorts. Not big on pj's.

Place You'd Most Like To Visit: New York. New York. New York. Please. New York. I think it would be good for my writing.

Preferred Way To Die (other than natural causes): Self-inflicted: Pills (I've actually thought about this). Others: Gunshot to the heart. Not the head.

Words Or Phrases You Overuse: "Oh my god!", "shit!", any variations of the word everyone loves ("fuck", what else?), "shut up!". etc.

What Are You Afraid Of?: Knives and being ordinary.

Name 3 Male And 3 Female Celebrities You Find Attractive: Ooh, urban-faerie finds Danny attractive! So do I! :) Joaquin Phoenix, Peja Stojakovic, Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel "Danny" Johns, Ben Gillies, Chris Joannou, James Dean, River Phoenix. I know you said 3, but I'm never one to follow instructions. Kate Winslet, Claire Danes, and not Liv Tyler.

Would You Ever Go To A Nude Beach (in the buff, that is): I doubt it, though I wouldn't rule it out.

The Person You'd Most Like To F**k: Joaquin, and I'd like to make love, thank you.


Cartoon Character: I don't do cartoons.

Time Of Year: November/December, when school's out.

Food: Italian.

Drink (non alcoholic): Water.

Drink (alcoholic): Beer. It's the answer to everything, man.

Magazines: Juice, but you can't find it anywhere. Time, Empire. I don't really read magazines though.

Board Games: Monopoly, Life.

Tv Shows: Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Buffy (Spike is hot), The Practice, ER (Luka is still hot), Lizzie McGuire, Boy Meets World, and MTV. Asia, that is.

Movies Of All Time: Quills and Rebel Without A Cause.

Smells: Eh.

Number: Sixteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! It's Peja's number! I found a Peja homepage, with lots of pictures. My life is complete! (that was also supposed to be funny. So laugh.)


Night Owl Or Early Riser: Night owl.

Sports Or No Sports: No sports, unless it's Peja.

Kids Or No Kids: No kids.

Cat Or Dog: Dog.

Indoors Or Outdoors: Indoors

Hot Or Cold: Cold

Mountains Or Oceans: Oceans.

Beatles Or Stones: Beatles. I'm not too fond of the Rolling Stones (that's who you're referring to, no?).

Thunderstorms - Cool Or Scary: Friggin' cool.

Toilet Paper Roll - Over Or Under: What?

Are You Righty, Lefty, Or Ambidextrous: Righty.

Are You More Of An Introvert Or Extrovert: Introvert. I don't like to talk much.

Ex- Boy/Girlfriends - Friends Or Enemies: I wouldn't know.

Zebra - White With Black Stripes, Or Black With White Stripes: I wasn't aware there were black zebras with white stripes.

Threesomes - 2 Guys And A Girl, Or 2 Girls And A Guy: 2 guys and a girl (me), please. Not that I'd want to be in one.


Love At First Sight: No.

God: No.

Hell: One implies the other.

Aliens: I don't know.

Horoscopes: No, but I read them anyway.

Ghosts: Yes. My English teacher can see ghosts. I'd elaborate, but it's late and I get spooked easily...

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