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I should have called my Jurisprudence essay "'It is very hard to be offended by The Satanic Verses: The Role of Religion in Habermas's Public Sphere".

Oh my god I'm gonna fail.


Went out with classmates last night. Was too tired to feel like getting drunk so I had two beers and tried to club (in a dingy pub/club in Shoreditch) in that state, which was...interesting. I regretted not getting drunk when I saw that most people were quite drunk and when it finally dawned on me that this LLM thing is really, really over.

(Conclusion from last night: 80s music is not danceable.)

I woke up at 1pm today. The first thing I felt was disorientation, followed by a sadness that was rather profound that this - the past year, the studying, the partying, the thinking, the learning, the stressing - is really over.

It kind of sucks - just to say the least.


On another note, after the pub slash club closed at 2am, some people went to another club and I trailed behind with some other friends (Iceland Guy was SO drunk - fucking hilarious). When we got there, it was pretty late and weren't sure whether to go in, so we lingered outside.

I witnessed the loveliest sight. Fat ass white bouncer eating fried chicken then tossing - literally TOSSING - the bones onto the streets. He was abrasive and loud and vulgar - he was talking (this word is used loosely) to someone who wanted to get in and all I heard was "fucking". It got even better: this Arab-looking Brit (knew he was Brit cos of his accent) wanted to get in and fat ass white bouncer REFUSED for no reason - that is, apart from the obvious. Fat ass white bouncer looked over at us and said that we could go in, but not the Arab-looking guy.

I was a bit keen on going in at first cos I heard there's a swimming pool in the club but after witnessing that, I completely lost interest. I was with a white guy, a black guy, and a white girl and obviously, I'm Asian. I can't believe that arsehole was so obviously racist. Disgusting.

Iceland Guy was so funny though. I literally laughed at his antics till my stomach hurt, all doubled over.

Will write more when not on phone.

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