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survey says

I'm a survey addict.

Given name: That shall be kept confidential.

Present name and how you arrived there: Same as given name. As for the username...I thought it sounded cool. I'm starting to regret it.

Dominant Hand: Right. I laugh out loud when I try to write with my left. I can't throw a shot-putt with my left either.

DOB: July 14, 1986.

Parents: That's not your business.

Siblings & Their Ages: Brother, 11. 12 this year. I realised something...when I'm in the university, he's only in secondary school...

School: E-mail me privately, and I'll tell you.

Best Friends: They know who they are.

Pets & Their Names: I have one living hamster, Danny, who's dying. Also have this huge fish tank...dominated by guppies, big and small. My mom wanted them to reproduce, so she bought a few female guppies, and now the tank is full of guppies. Small ones and medium-sized ones alike. Mostly females.

Jobs: I don't have any.

Hobbies: Reading, writing (duh), listening to music, watching movies, day-dreaming about Joaquin, sleeping, watching the telly, being lazy, self-deprecating.

Best Advice Ever Given: "Don't let anyone or anything destroy you. You're too good for that." That's a quote.

Words Or Phrases You Overuse: "Fuck!", sometimes with the "lah!" (As I explained before, it's Singlish, a Singaporean slang.) So it goes, "FUCK LAH!" I tend to swear even more when I'm annoyed. "Shit", "whatever", "shut up [lah]!", "that is so retarded", "how spastic", "I love Joaquin!".

A Non-Sport Game At Which You Excel: Bridge.

A Non-Sport Game Which You Enjoy: Bridge, Solitaire, Hearts, Monopoly, Uno. Mainly Bridge though. It's fucking fun!

Dream Car: Eh, a Mercedes Benz convertible. But I really don't care, as long as it drives.

Coolest Experience In Life: Um...come on, I'm barely 16! Ask me when I'm older.

Scariest Thing (s) You've Ever Done: Watching "The Others". Flying 7 hours to Australia with nothing to watch but "Bring It On" (THAT'S scary!). Meeting new people. Letting other people read my work. Looking into the mirror at night. Being in the loo at night...okay, next question.

Fave Thing To Do In The Summer: I don't know when summer is. My favourite thing to do during the holidays though is lazing. Wait, what am I saying? I do that everyday!

Fave Thing To Do In The Fall: Don't know when that is. Been too long since I last lived in a country with 4 different seasons. Autumn is awesome though. I can remember it vaguely. Not too hot, not too cold. I like.

Fave Thing To Do In The Winter: .

Fave Thing To Do In the Spring: .

Little-Known Talent You Possess: I can lie. Cool isn't it? I can look a person right in the eye and lie to his/her face...about trivial matters, that is. Like, I can like, look at one of my teachers and say with complete faked sincerity, "I honestly forget to bring my homework! I did do it, I promise!"

Special Skills Or Talents: I write, I guess. I don't know.

Songs That Need Improvement: Two words: Britney Spears. Her lyrics are retarded. Dammit, I can write so much better than that, and am I famous and rich and popular? Fuck, no! The world isn't fair! But yes, she sucks. Nsync, BSB (though I have soft spot for them...shhhhhh), A1 or whatever, all the stupid boybands. I wish they'd shut up. Oh, and how can I forget Limp Bizkit! I hate them so much, it's not funny. They're probably the worst "rock band" out there. Fred Durst sucks, man! But yes. Next question.

Most Influential Person: In my life...I don't know. Daniel Johns has influenced me the most though. If it weren't for him, I doubt I'd even care about the welfare of animals. Sometimes I wish I didn't, because I really, really am beginning to miss meat a lot. But I'm not going to give this 3/4 vegetarianism thing up. And James Dean. He's my personal god.

Character Traits You Look For Most In A Person: Common interests is very important. I should know. And I can't stand people who study all day long and don't do anything fun. I know I'm the exact opposite, I don't study and don't do anything fun, I just stay home and rot in front of the computer. But come on, how can one live with studying all the damn time? It's humanly impossible! I can't stand people who are narrow-minded, and refuse to see things from other people's points of view/point of views, especially when it differs greatly from theirs. I hate Christians telling that I'm "going to hell" for not believing in their religion. Like, live and let live, okay? Just leave me alone! Also can't stand people who're too serious. So stifling.

What You Want To Be: Film director, though I doubt I have the talent. Writer, though I doubt I have the luck. so, I don't know.

Future Goals: Go overseas to study, and we'll see from there.

Fave Music: Mainly rock, but I won't take any of that rap-metal bullshit. I prefer alternative rock, whatever the fuck that is, like, you know, old school Radiohead. I love The Bends. It's their best CD. (Of course, I own only The Bends, Pablo Honey, and Amnesiac, but okay.) I like a band with good lyrics and great melody and harmony...not very into the metal thing anymore. I also find myself getting into rock 'n' know, Buddy Holly that type of music. Old songs too, stupid 80's pop music. Haha. They're funny, and better than the current wave of pop. All in all though, silverchair still rules.

Fave Color: Eh. Blue I guess. Whatever, don't really care.

Fave Food: Spaghetti. I love Italian food. Have you tried the tiramisu! My goodness, it's brilliant. I love it.

Least Fave Food: I wouldn't say meat, 'cause that would be a lie. I guess vegetables. I hate carrots. It tastes disgusting. Tomatoes rock though.

Funniest People/Person You Know: Claire's really funny. I don't know her offline, but her emails ALWAYS make me laugh! Her emails are like, 4 pages long or something, and half of it are funny stuff. She's a great girl, and I'm going to meet her one day.

Fave Vacationing Spot: I love Fraser's Hill. It's in Malaysia...very beautiful. I got a picture of the sunrise. I didn't take it though, my dad did. It's sooooo pretty. Wish I had a scanner, but.

Fave Subject: None of them. I'm serious...English sucks, 'cause we're always doing comprehension. Chinese is fucking boring, English Literature is dry as all the teacher does is read from the Shakespeare text ("Julius Caesar") and explain, and that's about it. We don't do poetry or whatever. Um, actually, we do, but we're like, we're given a poem, and we're supposed to answer a set of stupid questions about that poem. It's supposed to test our understanding. I think it's stupid. I mean, we don't get to write. If we did, I can easily score an A, 'cause I can't memorise for spite. But anyway.

Fave Sport To play: Watching paint dry.

To watch: The NBA. Especially when the Kings play...I like Peja Stokavjov, however you spell. He is so cute!

Fave "Toy": My Snoopy, haha.

Fave Books: The Basketball Diaries and Forced Entries by Jim Carroll; Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang by Joyce Carol Oates; Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume; Someone Like You, Keeping the Moon and Dreamland by Sarah Dessen; The Only Alien on the Planet by Kristen R. Randle, if I'm not wrong (I read that book 3 times; not something I do a lot); Cut by Patricia McCormick, I think; and of course, The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. I hate Harry Potter.

Fave Movies: Quills and Rebel Without A Cause are my absolute favourites. Other movies I like a lot: Gladiator (duh!), Titanic (I do, truly), The Basketball Diaries (although I prefer the book), Total Eclipse (Leonardo looked damn good in it...and the kissing scene with Paul Verlaine was very sexy), American History X (I love Edward Norton, and it's a powerful film), American Beauty (Ricky Fitts!), Detroit Rock City (too funny), Bonnie and Clyde (just brilliant; love the poem), East of Eden (James Dean; enough said), Scent of a Woman (there's just something about that film...I don't know, I like it a lot), Clay Pigeons (Joaquin was very funny, and sexy, and so was Vince Vaughn), Inventing the Abbotts (Joaquin, and a really sweet film), Running on Empty (very touching), Stand By Me (hilarious and moving all at once), What's Eating Gilbert Grape? (Leonardo should've won that Oscar), Marvin's Room (Leonardo again, and Meryl Streep; very touching again), The Fellowship of the Ring (enough said!), Memento (very creative)...okay, I'm tired. Oh yes, Dogfight. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! Has River. I love River.

Fave Actor: Are you high? Joaquin Phoenix, duh! Leonardo DiCaprio, James Dean, River Phoenix, Kevin Spacey, Geoffrey Rush, Elijah Wood, Tobey Maguire, Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Edward Norton, Edward Furlong...

Fave Actress: Kate Winslet. I love her, she's so beautiful, and so talented. You should see her in "Quills" god. Along with Joaquin, and of course, Geoffrey Rush and who could forget Michael Caine. But for me personally, Joaquin stole the film (hmm, I wonder why?). But I digress. Cate Blanchett, Thora Birch, Kate Hudson, Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, and did I mention Kate Winslet?

Least Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Urban Legends: Final Cut (I was supposed to see "Quills" but my plan to sneak in did not fly), Slaughterhouse Rock (bad, bad 80's B movie), The Astronaut's Wife, nevermind that Johnny Depp was fucking hot in it, Happy Gilmore, etc. I hate more movies than I like them. I don't know why.

Fave Music Video: Miss You Love, silverchair. There's something about that video that makes me want to cry. And actually, just about all their Neon Ballroom vids. God, I love that album. It's so rich in emotions and angst and everything real. It's a piece of art!

Fave Animal: Dogs, hamsters, llamas, tigers, peacocks, monkeys, goats, frogs, tortoises, etc.

Fave TV show: Gilmore Girls, Buffy, Dark Angel (though Jessica Alba can get on my nerves, and that Logan guy is a really flat actor), ER (mmmmmmmmm Luka!), The Practice, Boston Public, Lizzie McGuire, this stupid Disney show. It's very stupid, which is why I like it.

Fave Day: Eh.

Fave Month: February, as Chinese New Year usually falls in that month.

Fave Holiday: Chinese New Year! I love getting money! And wearing new clothes! And getting off school!

Fave Part Of Newspaper: The entertainment section, and the movie ads. And the movie reviews. And the gossip page, haha.

Fave Thing To Wear: Tank tops. I feel comfortable in them. Don't care if I don't look good in them. (Been told that I do though.)

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