anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Ha ha ha ha ha.


Me: Omg you have licence. Omg omg. O. M. G. Congrats. :) Ok time to buy car.

Tris: Thanks. That said - you buy la. :P

Me: I no money. You work at b@ker leh.

Tris: I also no money leh. How to buy car on allowance < 1k man.

Me: But later 6k already leh. So rich hor.

Tris: Er. No lor. I won't buy car till i got cash on hand. So wait a while before i give you lift can. Anyway you got bf for that what.

Me: My lazy bf got car no licence. :( like that your gf how? She carry her shoes back on the bus ah?

Tris: HAHA. You're a real bitch. :P my gf dad got car so now still can. so your bf got car no licence? Ask him lend me la.

Me: How can anyhow lend you? Crazy ah. But you go shopping with your gf and her dad meh?

Tris: No la. But she's not complained yet. Plus emphasis is saving for house. Car in singapore luxury for now.

Me: Haha your Singlish getting worse. [after this not funny liao.]

This is particularly hilarious because Tris is my fellow grammar Nazi. Singlish SMSing. OMG. I'm gonna puke. And die of laughter at the same time.


Okay, nothing else to say.
Tags: conversations, friends, random, tris

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