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1. Andy Roddick lost to John Isner in five sets.

2. Dinara Safina lost to I DON'T EVEN FUCKING KNOW WHO in three sets.

3. Maria Sharapova, a.k.a. my lesbian crush, lost to Melanie Oudin in three sets.

4. James Blake lost to Tommy Robredo in three sets.

But most importantly...



My heart totally breaks for him. He crawled back into the match to level it at two sets a piece after losing the first two, just to lose in the end in a horrible tie-break. How the hell can the US Open do this? How can they have a tie-break in the fifth set? That is just so wrong. It is unfair to decide such a tightly-contested match in a stupid tie-break in the deciding set of a match because tennis just isn't scored like that. It just ISN'T. And it's freaking unfair that suddenly, in a freaking fifth set tie-break, every single point counts.

How can they? HOW CAN THEY. And yes, I'd sit through the 16-14 final set in this year's Wimbledon final over some ridiculous 7-6(5) or whatever anytime, anyday. Because THAT is the nature of tennis and its scoring system, not some cheapo tie-break. I have nothing against TBs per se, but fuck, please, not in the final set of a Grand Slam. It just cheapens EVERYTHING. It's just not right.

I didn't know the US Open has a final set tie-break. THAT IS SO WRONG. And I swear it's diminishing my love for the Slam.

Of course, it might be true that I wouldn't care so much if Andy had won the match. Maybe it's only so aggravating because he lost, but whatever it is, final set tie-breaks are retarded.

SIGH. NO ANDY/ROGER QF. Unbelievable. OMG, I don't wanna watch Roger/John Isner. Don't really wanna watch Roger/Fernando Verdasco either.


As for Melanie Oudin, she's actually pretty amazing. 17-year-old American, defeated Jelena Jankovic at Wimbledon (then lost the next round), defeated Elene Dementieva, the #4 seed, in the second round, and now she's beaten Sharapova. I totally got behind her when I watched the Dementieva match because she's really good. First thing I noticed about her was her footwork - super fast, great movement, able to get into position no matter how far down she chased a ball. AMAZING. A bit like Andy Murray in that sense but I honestly think she moves better than Murray (nothing to do with my boiling Murray hate; it's an objective observation).

I'm sad for my lesbian crush actually. Oh my god, I swear, she has the best figure ever. EVER EVER EVER. And she's hot. And when she's playing well, she's really quite superb.

But oh my god I almost died of boredom watching that first set. Stupid Maria takes fucking forever to serve. She has this retarded serving ritual - she'd hop on the spot, bounce the ball a few times, then tuck her hair behind her ears even though there are no stray hairs, and after she does that she'd look pensively across the court for three seconds. Then she'd finally deem it worthy of her time to serve.

WTF. No wonder her match took three hours. I nearly fell asleep at the first set, and they were both making errors which was damn boring, so I went to bed.

I'm not surprised Dina lost. She played crap. She's been playing crap the whole tournament. Three DFs in one game means she deserved to lose - and I'm sure she'll be calling herself stupid again. BLEAH. When's she gonna finally win a Slam? I'd hate for Serena Williams to win this again; it's not like her ego isn't already huge enough.

And James Blake? OMG. WTF. TOMMY ROBREDO D. JAMES BLAKE?!?!?!?!?! I have a soft spot for James because I saw him live, and yeah, sure, he's been playing shit the past few tournaments too, but I really thought he'd beat Robredo. And meet Roger in Round 4. BUT NOOOO.

James went to Harvard, by the way. Isn't he smart? SIGH. But he left after his second year to pursue tennis. That...isn't as smart. I mean, if I had a place at Harvard, I'd fucking get my degree first before I do anything else.

But yep, I'm Singaporean, so maybe it's just me.

Okay I'm done.

Sad day for tennis. I hope Taylor Dent serves and volleys Andy Murray out of the tournament. GO TAYLOR. AND I HOPE TO HELL THE HOME CROWD GETS BEHIND HIM SO MUCH THAT IT PISSES THE SHIT OUT OF MURRAY.

Taylor Dent's quite incredible too actually. He was in a fucking body brace for a year or something, and now he's in the third round of the US Open. Saw him play against Roger earlier this year - very nice change from the usual power baseline tennis. Oh my god, really hope he scores another upset. That'd be awesome.

Speaking of upsets, Djoke almost lost to some fat American guy nammed Jesse Witten. Saw a bit of the first set - Djoke missed a shot and actually threw his racquet to the ground. That actually affected me. Because I like him and dislike him at the same time. I think he's adorable, but I also think he's a brat. But as bratty as he is, I've never seen him throw his racquet around like THAT before.

But the chest-thumping is damn obnoxious. Still, I was glad he stuck it to the annoying home crowd who was behind Witten. Everytime Witten was defending a break point while serving for the set, and he missed his first serve, I just KNEW that he was gonna double fault.

I just don't understand how a guy of that kind of size can hope to compete in tennis professionally. Nothing against fat people, but hello, common sense should tell you that something is wrong when you're that size and everyone else...well, isn't. Go work out lah for fuck's sake. It's not that hard.

Right, I'm done.

Tonight's schedule doesn't look interesting. Have no interest in seeing Serena bludgeon my poor Daniela Hantuchova (who switched from Nike to Adidas!) off the court. I want to watch Venus vs. Kim Clijsters actually but it's pretty late. Oh well.


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