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I had P.E today, and it was utter, complete hell. If I thought the previous sessions were hellish...well, I ain't seen nothin' yet. Today's one was bad to the core. It was the ultimate. The epitome of hell. I had to run 4 rounds (800m). And that's not the end of it...I had to run 4 rounds with weights. I was panting and gasping and dying. I walked about one round, but still, it was really bad. And the teacher made the class do all sorts of strenuous exercise, so now I'm all weak and aching and tired. Today's P.E. was so bad that it made sludging through applications of differentiation of trig functions look heavenly. Do you still wonder why I hate P.E. so?

I had a dream involving Joaquin, but it wasn't nice. I was kind of watching a movie with him in it, only it was more like a play than a movie. The actors (which included Jackie Chan, who was the star) acted live, and they did not only act live, they acted live at my school's carpark. My school never stops haunting me, does it? Anyway, my classmate dragged me to see the stupid thing, which was called "Blood Vessel" and was a comedic action flick/play. I didn't want to, but she persuaded me by saying Joaquin's in it. So I watched. Mr. Chan was surrounded by a group of people who were going to kill him, and Joaq was one of them. One guy carried a knife. The average viewer would naturally think he's gonna die, but before anyone could say "Joaquin Phoenix is gorgeous", he took out a gun and spun 360 degrees, thus killing everyone in sight.

I was outraged. I turned to whoever was with me, 'cause the person changed, and hollered, "That's it? Joaquin appears for one second, and you dragged me to watch this crap?" Someone behind me, probably Jackie Chan, said that no, it wasn't over. They aren't really dead.

Sure enough, as I looked on, the supposedly dead people began to get up one by one. They ran all over the place with their weapons in hand, and I was just strolling, when I saw Joaquin right in front of me. I was flabbergasted and panicking. I mean, JOAQUIN PHOENIX was in front of me. Of course I would panic. So I kind of walked towards him, and he saw me, and god, his eyes were so beautiful. They were a kind of greenish blue, and they resemble the colour of the ocean on a bright sunny day. His hair was cropped weird in a crew cut, but it was sexy anyway.

But he wasn't nice. He had a machine gun, and he pointed it at me, and he fired. The weird thing is, I could dodge bullets, kind of a la "The Matrix". And when the bullets softly grazed my skin, I didn't feel anything, which hence leads me to conclude they were blanks.

Isn't it shitty that he wanted to kill me? But in the dream, he was in character, and he played a killer, so it's not that bad.

I'm suffering from a sore throat. I don't want to fall sick this week, as I have a Chemistry test on Thursday and I am proud of announce I have attempted to study for it. This is the first time in 2 years that I'm bothering to study for Chemistry. So my body better not fuck up. Wait til next week, okay?

My fingers hurt.

Tags: dreams, joaquin phoenix, secondary school

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