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i babble. a lot.

Woke up at 11 a.m. Had breakfast. Lunch at 12.30 p.m. Tuition at 2. Ended at 4.15. Did some thespark tests. Did 3 questions of my Maths homework. Differentiation. Or Calculus. Whatever. Got them all right.

Pretty good for my declining self-esteem.

My pesky little brother made the school basketball team, did I mention that? Good for him. He told me he's the forward...which basically means he gets to shoot...shows a lot about his team! It must suck, if he's the forward. Ha!

Watched a bit of the NBA today, LA Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs. 94-91! Fuck! The Spurs were *so* close! If Terry Porter or whoever didn't miss that 3-point shoot during the last 6 seconds, the Spurs could've won! And I like a new guy, Tony Parker. He's French! Haha. Steven Spielberg was in the audience, or whatever the word is. This Spurs guy ran into him while diving for the ball. Beside Mr. Spielberg sat this really fucking gorgeous guy, whoever that was.

Yep. From now on when I call somebody I have to add a 6 in front. Example: A's number is 1234567. To call A, I dial: 61234567. Reason: I don't know. Do I care?: No.

I mentioned that only because my brother is muttering about how inconvenient it is. I don't care at all.

I like bubble tea.

Tags: basketball, family, nba, school

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