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saturday 8: best friends

best friends
  1. Do you have anyone that you consider your best friend(s)?

    Kind of. I refrain from using that term because too much expectations come along with it, and you become disappoint when nothing eventually happens. I do have a friend whom I really connect with though. It's rather weird and special all at once, because I've never met her. But I tell her virtually everything, via email. She's awesome.

  2. If so, when did you know or at what moment did you know this was a special friendship?

    When we discovered we have a lot in common, and we're very much alike in terms of interest and emotional issues. Which is a good thing, always.

  3. Have you ever stopped talking to or broke a relationship off with a best friend? Why?

    Yes. I mentioned her before. The Ex-Best Friend. Why? Things change, people change. That's why.

  4. If your best friend is from childhood, are you two similar in personalities or like night and day?

    Like night and day.

  5. Have you ever had a crush on a best friend ? (this could be past or current, same sex or not)

    So far, I haven't shown any lesbian tendencies, so no. And I never had a male best friend.

  6. If you have several best friends or a group of close friends: does everybody get along or they a little jealous of each other? Do you know why?

    I don't know. I prefer not to know.

  7. Without revealing too much, write about an experience where your best friend has pulled your butt outta big trouble or vice versa.

    I'm feeling kinda drowsy now from the medicine so I can't really think. Off the top of my head...Claire's encouraging emails to me and vice versa.

  8. Are you a good friend to your best friend?

    Like I said I don't like using that phrase, but honestly, my best friend is myself, and the answer is no.

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