anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

make a list, make a list! let's make a list!

1. I have nothing important to say today.

2. I got an 81% for my Chinese test. Cheated a little, but hey, I'm not perfect.

3. I got a 72.5% for my Chinese composition. This is the 3rd piece in a row that received a 70% or better. (i.e. It's an A.)

4. I thought about Gem in the middle of my Social Studies test.

5. I thought about Gem the minute I stepped onto my schoolbus.

6. I'm thinking about him right now.

7. I think I accidentally erased an episode, a crucial episode, of "Dark Angel", and it's bothering me.

8. P.E. was hellish again. I ran 12 minutes non-stop. It was tough, and I forced myself not to stop, and I didn't, so I think I deserve a bloody pat on the back.

9. I'm still thinking about him.

10. I want to be a fighting machine, like Max in "Dark Angel" (I just saw 2 episodes back-to-bac, so don't blame me).

11. I want to win the Nobel Prize for Literature one day. When I told that to my family, my brother laughed, and my mom didn't say anything. I wonder why I bother telling them stuff.

12. I also want to win the Nobel Peace Prize one day.

13. My wallet stinks. Just ask my friends.

This will end here.

Tags: grades, lists, random, rubbish, secondary school

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