anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

here's to you, society

I'm in my classroom, and in 14 minutes' time, I have to go for the ECA. The computer in the class is amazingly slow. This lousy piece of shit makes me thankful to have my own piece of shit at home, and I thought my piece of shit was shitty enough!

I have been in a weird funk the entire day until only a few hours ago. It was a strange feeling that I can't describe or explain, a strange lethargy and lack of interest to do anything but sleep. I wasn't even going to stay back today, but I, along with 4 other people, have to do a mock trial for the ECA and I'm the judge, so I have a responsibility to attend, right? Yes. I am right.

I don't know though. I experience these chest constrictions whenever I think about things that are in a mess (i.e. my love life, my friendships, my grades, my life, and myself), and they make me wanna throw everything away and yell, 'FUCK YOU, WORLD!' at the top of my lungs. And it doesn't end at the end of this year. I have two more years of junior college before I leave the country.

I hate to resort to a boring and lousy cliche, but it sucks to be me. 2.51. Have to go.

Tags: angst, secondary school

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