anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

saturday 8: dreams

The Dream Theme
  1. Do you day-dream or imagine yourself to be in a different time or place than you are right now? If so, how often and about what?

    Yes. Very, very often. Like, VERY often. Every night before I sleep, every morning in the school bus, and at least 50 times in between or during classes when I get bored and have nothing better to do. Plainly put, I spend half my life dreaming. I fantasise about stupid things that I don't have, or can't ever have, in my life, and well, I don't feel like going into details. But one of them includes Joaquin Phoenix. :)

  2. Did you ever day-dream or let you imagination run away with you as a child? If so, about what?
    Probably. I can't remember.
  3. Do you consider day-dreams and other uses of the imagination healthy mental exercises, signs of insanity or something else entirely?

    Depends on what you're day-dreaming about. Generally, they're healthy mental exercises, but some of my day-dreams can definitely qualify as signs of insanity.

  4. Do dream when you are asleep (in that, this means do you have dreams that you can remember while you are sleep?)

    Yeah. I write about dreams a lot. It bothers me when I can't remember my dreams.

  5. Would you say that most of your night time dreams are of a positive or negative nature?


  6. Have you ever tried to force yourself to day-dream or have a dream at night about something? If so, what?
    I don't, and can't, force myself to day-dream. It just happens. I think a lot, and when I do, I day-dream unconsciously about stupid things, and most of the time, I force myself to stop. I have tried to force a night-dream, but I have learnt that it never works. I wanted to have a nice dream involving the guy I can't stop thinking about, but I ended up dreaming about my Sec. 2 English teacher.
  7. Do you believe in hidden meaning in dreams or that they are merely manipulations of subconscious thought?

    I believe dreams hold an important significance to the dreamer. Jeff did this psycho-analysis for me based on that weird Joaquin/Jackie Chan I had, and it was eerily accurate. And sometimes, I find that the things I dream about do come true.

  8. Describe your favorite or least favorite dream that you have ever had?

    One of my favourite dreams is this one involving Joaquin Phoenix. I wrote about it here. It's titled "dreaming of joaquin". I hated that dream when I killed someone, and got myself slashed, because I could really feel the pain of the knife digging into my skin, and the stupid guy who slashed me made sure he REALLY pushed the blade in. I can still remember the feeling. It's horrible.

Submitted to Saturday 8.

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