anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Christmas greeting

Christ, I can't believe I forgot to mention this, but I received Claire's X'mas card in the mail yesterday! Claire is this very great friend of mine from Liverpool, we met at this Joaquin Phoenix forum that was awesome once but now...Anyway, I haven't received cards in the mail for ages. I didn't send any X'mas ones out this year, except for one to Claire, since she got me one. I have one for my mate Yunnie too, but um, I haven't written in it. But I digress. Claire's card, yes. It is so her. She drew her version of me on it, with Daniel Johns (of silverchair?) planting a kiss on my cheek. Next to that she drew Joaquin, Ben and Chris (from silverchair?), and they say respectively, "Come on Johnsie, it's my turn now!", "I don't care how great of an actor you are Joaquin! There is no way you are pushing in front of me!" and "Please Chris! I...I love lanny!" I was laughing my behind off when I saw that. Unfortunately it was pouring yesterday and the edge of the card got wet. The ink didn't fade though, thankfully.

I didn't do anything for Christmas. We were gonna go to the zoo, but it rained, so we stayed home and saw "The Others". Yep. Creepy movie.

I suppose I have to get started on my Geography homework. It's due in 3 days, haha. Fucking school.

Tags: christmas, claire, friends, joaquin phoenix, personal, school, silverchair

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