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Qatar Open Round 1: Federer d. Schoorel 7-6(3?), 6-3

Racquent Channel is only broadcasting the final for this tournament so I had to make do with a pretty good livestream. It was laggy, but I got to see most of the rallies so I'm not complaining.

I'm really writing this to rave about the between-the-legs ("'tweener") shot that Roger played, and won the point with, towards the end of the second set. It took me completely by surprise and made my jaw drop because he glided towards the ball and looked like he was going to hit a routine forehand. He was even in position for that forehand.

Then, out of nowhere, he took a split second to adjust his position, gently stepped over the air molecules that comprised the space that the ball would have occupied if it had the chance to complete its trajectory, and suddenly unleashed the winner from between his legs.

So. Goddamn. Cheeky. His opponent couldn't stop smiling. He was smiling/laughing so hard, he had to compose himself before he could serve.

Oh, I loved that so much.


This Schoorel guy is pretty good. He forced 6 break points in the first set but couldn't convert 'cause Roger pulled through on the big points. He hit some pretty awesome shots that had Roger scrambling to get to them. And he plays with a single-handed backhand, which is always a plus in my book.


I'm sleepy. I have an infection in my lymph node. Isn't my life wonderful? I also have to work. Yay!

Tags: health, pictures, qatar open, random, roger federer, sick, tennis, work

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