anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

A quick entry 'cause I'm too lazy to write a proper one.

Very tired, but just want to say the following:

1. Yesterday Tong and I cabbed back from the Balmoral area. The cab driver almost caused me to throw up in the cab. I am already prone to motion sickness; sitting in a moving vehicle that braked suddenly and sharply, that took sharp turns without any reduction in speed, and that was smoky did not help in any way, shape, or form to keep the motion sickness at bay. At one point I looked up at Tong (I was slumped in the seat 'cause I was dying) and whispered, "I'm gonna die." When he got home he texted me, "I survived."

What a brilliant cabbie, not. WTF.

Wow, I'm too tired to continue bitching, so I'll just leave it at that.

2. I was twenty minutes late for Professional Responsibility today (ironic, yes? Actually, it's not ironic at all) and the questioning at the door was so primary school-esque I was literally controlling my own laughter as I walked to an empty seat at the centre of the room, and had to similarly control my laughter for the first five minutes of the lecture. It was the stern look of disapproval on the person's face that tickled my funny bone.

My irreverence is probably not the best attitude I could have towards this, but screw it. Like Mag said the other night at Vintage India (great food! Empty restaurant! Excellent service! Our waiter was this dude from Chennai!), PLC is like the last few months of our lives. Going back to work...well, I won't have the luxury of waking up at 12 on weekdays anymore, that's for damn sure.

3. Had dinner with Mag, Rui, Ven and Aggie at the Indian vegetarian restaurant at Chinatown Point. I ate a double filet-o-fish at like, 4.45 p.m. Dinner was at 8. I ate two plates of rice plus some curry, then a plate of watermelons, and drank a mango lassi.


4. Dinner with girlfriends is totally awesome though. We concluded that, if Mag and I ever lived together, we'd need to hire a maid. We're both damn princess-y in that we don't cook/clean/wash/whatever.

At least I hand wash my "hand wash only" clothes. And wash the dishes once in a while.

Though I dunno how to operate the washing machine. I'm sure these things can be learned though!

5. Poor Tong is stuck with a girl who can't cook and who refuses to learn how to cook. At least I, I don't know what makes up for that. =(

6. Civ Pro tutorial was um, hilariously torturous. There are two individuals in my class who can't help but ask questions. I mean it's all well and good, but people actually want class to end on time so that we can go off and have lives. The two said individuals kept asking and asking, and I looked over to the other side of the room and saw Jared C looking DAMN SIAN and DAMN PISSED. He was on MSN with Rui who sat next to me, and when it was 7 and one of the two said individuals was still asking a question, he wrote to her on MSN, "Order 13 rule SHUT UP."


7. Having a mild headache. Shall go to sleep.

Tags: friends, plc, wei chuen

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