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Another useless entry./

1. Cincy Masters: Federer d. Hewitt 6-3, 6-4

The match was a little bit dull. Lleyton had some knee injury and couldn't move as well as he normally does, so Roger dominated the whole match. Played some great shots (backhand down-the-line pass, for example; and another wicked backhand down-the-line shot to break Lleyton in the second set), played some not-so-great ones, and first serve was missing.

What pissed me off, though, was seeing Andy Murray's coach in the audience. I know it's his job, I know he's supposed to scout his charge's opponent, but his face annoys the shit out of me - as does the player he's coaching.

Roger's meeting Murray tonight. He better make their head-to-head 3-6. Commentators went off about how Murray's tipped to win the US Open, to which I could only laugh. He was tipped to win Australia. He was tipped to win Wimbledon. Both times he lost before the final. Can I please, PLEASE have permission to laugh my ass off?

Fucking hate him.

2. Evony D:

Totally got raped last night by the #2 player in the whole server. I lost ALL my towers and some other defences that I don't care much about 'cause I didn't spend too much time on them.

But the damn towers. And it was my main city. It was so sad. I really felt very sad. And I still do. Tong did what he could to help me lessen the damage but, well, you just can't fight against 50,000 archers.

I swear, that person has no life. I bet he sits in front of the laptop all day long and recruit archers. I bet he pays to play. Tong plays it day and night and even he doesn't have that kind of army.

STUPID ASSHOLE. I am so sad.

3. Boring-ass day

Nothing to do. Bored like fuck. I'm going to swim.

Tags: andy murray, cincinnati masters, evony, lleyton hewitt, roger federer, tennis

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