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OMG Roger and Lleytonnnnn. <3






In more tennis news: Federer d. Ferrer 3-6, 6-3, 6-4.

After Roger dropped the first set I knew it was going three sets. If Roger was to lose, there was NO WAY he'd lose in straight sets; ever since I started watching him, there wasn't a single loss of his that was in straight sets.

But he was playing so crap I wasn't sure he'd win. Usually I'd be all, "Aiyah he confirm will win one lah. How can he lose to someone like David Ferrer?" Last night thought, he played like crap. The first set was so atrocious. He had an early break, then he got broken back, then he got broken, then he lost. And he was dumping balls into the net left and right, missing forehands egregiously, slicing backhands into the net.

OH MY GOD IT WAS UTTER SHIT. His form recovered a bit in the second, then picked up a bit in the third, but all in all, it was a poor showing from him.

And thus, I have to feel sorry for David Ferrer. I really do. In 9 meetings he's never beaten Roger even once, and last night the first set he won was the second set he's ever won against Roger. Roger played like crap and Ferrer still couldn't win. If I were him (and if I were people like Andy Roddick and basically the entire ATP minus Nadal that consistently loses to him) I'd wonder, first, what the hell I'd need to do to beat this guy, and then, if I even have business playing tennis.

The last time they played was the 2007 Tennis Masters Cup final in which Roger demolished Ferrer 6-2, 6-3, 6-2. I watched that match and OH MY GOD, Roger was incredible. Absolutely on form, absolutely lethal. Last night, though? Not so much.

Poor Ferrer. But too bad, someone has to lose, and that someone is always the guy at the other side of the net from Roger. Yep yep.

You know, I thought I didn't care anymore whether he wins or loses, but fuck, yesterday when he lost the first set I was all, "OMG SHIT IS HE GOING TO LOSE NOOOOOOOO." Then he got broken in the third set and I was all, "OMG IT'S OVER NOOOOOOOOOOOOO." And then immediately after he got broken, he had 0-40 on Ferrer's serve, and then the game got to deuce and I was all, "OMG WHAT THE FUCK ROGER WHAT ARE YOU DOING BREAK BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Then he broke back and I was all, "YESSSS!" With fist pumps and all.

I'm retarded when I watch tennis. I literally start cheering when the player I like wins, and when he/she doesn't ("she" = Dinara Safina, basically), I'd be all, "OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL." It's embarrassing to watch tennis with me in public. Which is why I prefer watching tennis at home. Plus I have to concentrate on the match or I'd get all cranky because I don't know what's going on - especially if it's a TMF match.

Yay. Can't wait to watch Roger play Lleyton! I hope it's like the 2004 US Open when Roger demolished Lleyton 6-0, 7-6, 6-0. Hahahahaha. Awesomeness.


In other non-tennis, Yelen news, today has been a wonderful day.

I'm very happy.

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