anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Dunno what to call this entry.

1. Evony is a riot. Because my alliance isn't all that, some newbie mesasged me to ask how the game is when you get better. I mean, LOL much? And purely because (I think) I'm the #7 player in my alliance. HAHAHA.

2. I repeat what I've been saying all along: If you cannot advance an argument based on logic, if you have not thought through what you're saying, please think twice before opening your mouth and letting your irrational, illogical words see the light of day. Because very soon my contempt will outweigh whatever little empathy I have left, scant empathy that you're just chipping away at bit by bit with your blatant display of disrespect for my ability to discern.

2.1. I mean, really. At some point your problem ceases to be mine, and I think we've crossed that point a long time ago.

2.2. I don't give a shit about your concerns because they are bullshit.

2.3. I think I'm even a bit insulted at how you completely underestimate my arrogance - because it shows you don't know me at all.

2.4. Lastly, I'm sorry I don't like boring guys. Oh well.

3. I don't feel like re-drafting the blasted statement of claim arghhhh.

4. Roger's playing David Ferrer at 12. Yay!

5. Stupid CPCM review thing was a waste of time. Probably have lots to bitch about but this is probably also not the appropriate avenue. Bleah.

6. Super full and bloated.

7. Back to Evony - attacked someone from a hostile alliance and I totally took out all of his 100 archer's towers. Okay, it's nothing to be proud of in the grander scheme of the game but it's still hilarious anyway.

7.1. I'm bored of attacking people without armies and defences.

8. I'm bored of this entry.

9. Roger in 15 minutes!

10. Feel like moving out of the current house. Bleah. Feel like kicking tenants out of the Tanglin View apartment. BLEAH. But cannot terminate tenancy agreement. Actually maybe can. Need to look at it. Nevermind, just talking rubbish.

(PS. Very sad Andy lost to Sam Querry this morning in Cincy. Boo hiss.)
Tags: andy roddick, angst, cincinnati masters, evony, plc, random, roger federer, tennis

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