anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Who the fuck is Andrea Petkovic?

I clearly spoke too soon yesterday - Maria just got sent packing from the Australian Open by this Andrea Petkovic person.

Sigh. I'm not the biggest Sharapova fan in the world, but I like her enough to want to see her do well here (in my dreams she wins the title alongside my darling Roger). Her fighting back when she was down 1-5 with Petkovic serving for the match is precisely why I liked her the first time I saw her play: her fighting spirit is incredible and you know that this girl has so much self-belief that she simply does not - refuses to - give up on herself. Of course, you could say that she should never have gotten herself into that hole in the first place; but having gotten there, she refused to go down without a fight.

Too bad she couldn't reign in those unforced errors.

Also, I know I'm shallow, but I don't like Petkovic's face so I hope Li Na demolishes her in the next round. I was really impressed with Li Na's performance against Azarenka this morning anyway, so I'm rooting for her to go deep here. If she reaches the final, it means she'd defeat Caroline Pushniacki along the way so that's an added bonus for me. Kim Clijsters winning this is just too predictable and boring so yeah, I think I'm officially rooting for Li Na to win the title now.

Anyway, back to the drawing board, Maria. I hope she figures out whatever she needs to figure out in time to go deeper in these Grand Slams.
Tags: australian open, maria sharapova, tennis, wta

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