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cover me in sorrow/poem: broken eye

np: "Icebox" by Nada Surf in my head.

Okay. Had a Geography test. This is a true was easy. There was like, 2 questions, out of 20 marks. It should be easy. I reckon it would be the second test that I shall pass this year, the first being the Julius Caesar essay test I did yesterday, where I was supposed to compare Brutus's and Mark Antony's speeches (after Caesar was assassinated?) and state the effect they had on the mob. Yeah, well. Exciting much?

Wrote something...

Broken Eye

Diluted iris of
the broken eye. But
if it's dead, then
it cannot lie.

But trivial matters make
the heart grow weak.And
all of a sudden, we're
unable to speak.

The tongue bleeds gore that
becomes spite. When
you try deceit, the day
turns to night.

And what goes
around, comes around.
When it reaches you, it
all falls down.

I personally think this poem sucked after the first stanza, which I ripped off Jim Carroll. In other words...this poem sucks. *shrugs* What do you think? One thing I detest about The fucking people never leave reviews. The only person who dilligently reads my sorry excuses for poetry or whatever is

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