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there ain't no place i'd rather be

I just got off the phone with Gen, and I didn't really want to. Get off the phone, that is. Although I couldn't really think of anything to say, and neither could he, and half the time I was spewing rubbish but he didn't seem to mind. I didn't want to get off the phone because I wanted to hear his voice. How pathetic is that?

He knows I really like him. At one point of time he asked, "You really like me, huh?" "Maybe," I replied. He was thinking of something that I gathered had got to do with me, but he wouldn't tell me what. It was annoying! He piqued (word?) my curiosity and refused to satisfy it! No matter how much I went, "tell me", he refused to. He said he wants to get to know me better first. This may sound stupid, and I can't believe I'm thinking it, but I hope he likes me. Wouldn't you?

Dammit. I forgot what I wanted to type. Again. Okay, he was supposed to call me at 4 but he fell asleep. So I was all upset and jumping to conclusions, which should like, what the hell is the word, account, I think, for the previous entry (which I have deleted on the 18th of April).

He's been thinking about me. :) I think about 11 people know about him. I told my group of friends, The Athlete, Yunnie, Pearl and Mrs. Jerry Yen, which is a given. During flag-raising today I was talking to The Goofball about it, as she wanted to know, and the people around could hear. I'm quite uneasy about it, because...I don't know. It doesn't matter though. It's not like I care.

In other news, I have lost my appetite for food. I couldn't eat anything for recess, and despite me feeling like I could faint anytime while getting home, I had to force myself to eat lunch. And yesterday I threw away half a plate of fried bee hoon (I don't know what it is in English) because I couldn't finish it. Couldn't eat dinner either. I don't know why.

Oh, yeah. I failed my E Maths test, as predicted. 15/45. Am I supposed to be upset over it? Well, I ain't. Not a bit.

Tags: first boyfriend, grades, secondary school

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