anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

i don't obsess. i just think intensely.

Today I had P.E. Today I had P.E., and we ran 6 rounds around a standard 400m track. Today I had P.E., and we ran 6 rounds around a standard 400m track, and I almost died. I cried after that because I couldn't breathe. My chest felt like it would implode anytime, and needless to say, it was bad. I hate running. I'm sure I have mentioned it before. P.E. is perpetually evil, and the most ridiculous thing is, we're gonna have elective P.E. after June. What the hell? And no, it does not mean one gets to choose not to take P.E.; it's a fancy, and stupid, name for intensive P.E. lessons that focus on one particular sport. I'm supposed to choose between football (as in soccer), volleyball and some other boring shit. Right.

Anyway. I'd see Gen for 30 minutes tomorrow after Maths remedial. I asked his opinion on whether I should skip it, and he was like, "No!", as if he was alarmed I actually considered it. Man. But 30 minutes is pathetic, though better than nothing, so I am determined to study very hard tonight for the Maths test tomorrow so that I can pass, get out of remedial, and see him for at least an hour on future Wednesdays.

That is, if he wants to.

You see? This whole thingy isn't that bad after all. I'm motivated to pass. There is a flip side to everything after all.


Tags: first boyfriend, secondary school

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