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I just pre-ordered David Cook's new album which cost me $10 in shipping for the simple reason that I COULD NOT contain my deep desire to hear his cover of Simple Mind's Don't You (Forget About Me). It's not an interest in the song per se, but a need to hear his voice singing something new after TWO YEARS (or more) of NO NEW MUSIC FROM HIM.

Omg, his voice is so divine. I'M IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN.

I wanted to wait until tomorrow's Idol elimination show to hear it but I just COULD NOT FREAKING WAIT. Especially since I knew this song from The Breakfast Club and I really wanted to hear David sing it. UGH I LOVE HIM.


In other news, I'm once again underwhelmed by the new crop of Idol contestants. I like maybe Paul McDonald and Pia whatever, and that Karen girl who sang in Spanglish.

But they're pretty boring in general. I haven't been excited about Idol since David Cook, and to a lesser extent, Kris Allen.

Bleah. And also? Without Simon on the judging panel, I have no need to listen to the judges' comments. I just fast-forward through their talking time. I mean, it's pretty obvious that their comments are worthless when Steven Tyler's response to a contestant was "purr" (literally) and Randy Jackson told Thia whatever that she reminded him of Michael Jackson. What the flying fuck? If Simon had been here, he would've called Naima's performance lounge-y.
Tags: american idol, david cook, music, simon cowell

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