anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Final countdown.

I'm going to Taiwan for two weeks tomorrow and this week was one of the most stressed out I've ever felt at work.

I'm going to Taiwan for two weeks tomorrow, and prior to two hours ago when I started packing, all I could think about was the number of things I had to settle before I leave for my trip, which is supposed to be a relaxing holiday.

I even contemplated bringing my laptop until boyfriend and best friend vehemently objected. I'm definitely going to listen to them.

I know that there are people who can do this for years on end and even seem to enjoy it. I know that I'm not one of those people.


Regarding this trip, we (family) were supposed to go to Tokyo on 26 March, in time for the start of the Sakura blossom, but obviously that's not happening anymore. I'm pretty bummed; I was really looking forward to it, thinking about all the things I can eat (and cannot eat), the random Japanese snacks I can buy, and I even found out about this museum dedicated to Hayao Miyazaki which I had my sights on visiting.

But of course, my disappointment at not being able to visit Tokyo is nothing compared to what is happening there right now. In my opinion, what makes this entire disaster worse than it should be is the fact that the continuing fallout from the earthquake and the ensuing tsunami isn't anything caused by nature, but caused by human nature. Have we not learned anything from Chernobyl? I admit I'm not fully appraised of all the benefits of nuclear power plants, and all I've heard so far is that it's the cheaper alternative to oil.

Yeah, it's cheap and cost-effective until 50 Japanese workers have to stay behind at an explosive and unstable nuclear plant (or more) and risk their lives in the hopes of saving thousand others.

Fuck you, world. We just never, ever learn, do we?


I realise that I don't write in here much anymore. It's really sad. All I can say is that I hope things start to change soon.

Anyway, I played tennis last night and I noted with amusement that I have a drop-shot off the backhand side - that is, it's what my attempted slice becomes when I'm near the service line. It's pretty funny. It even worked. And I got two desperate forehand slices back too, which really surprised me.

But what I really enjoyed was this whole minute where I felt, for possibly the first time ever, a real rhythm in my hitting. Forehand after forehand, all hitting the sweet spot. I absolutely loved that feeling.

I definitely need to get more consistency on the backhand though. It's ridiculous, the number of times the ball goes into the net from this wing. It's also absolutely unacceptable.


I'm definitely looking forward to two weeks of no work. To be honest, my Blackberry will be used mainly for messaging boyfriend and checking tennis scores. Um, ha ha ha. Whatever. Firm's not gonna die without me. I'm sure I'd be absolutely too drunk on my own self-importance to think that.
Tags: current affairs, playing tennis, taiwan, work

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