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the biggest event in years...what a dud

Attended the "first ever" MTV Asia awards last night. What a bore. Not only did POD suck, they were the only rock group that performed. Didn't stay for the last act (as they put it); Mom called at 'round 10.30, and I was feeling very bored and irritated, so I left. Read in the papers today that Westlife won Favourite Pop How surprising.

But seriously, they're insanely popular. I went with my friends to the red carpet, just for fun ('cause I seriously don't give a fuck about anyone who was there, except maybe Zhang Ziyi), and beside us were these teenyboppers who were SCREAMING when Westlife appeared. And towards the end of the show, when they broke for commercial, the announcer said, "Still to come: M2M, Westlife..." At "Westlife", people started screaming. And a while later, someone started a chant: "We want Westlife!"

I don't understand why. They're not all that great-looking, they're not all that talented, and their songs really suck. But hey. They're better than N'sync.

Two ang mos (westerners) sat beside me and my friend, who got VIP tickets :). When Linkin Park won favourite Breakthrough Artiste and they showed the One Step Closer video, the two idiots beside us began to sing the stupid song. Like, "I cannot take this anymore...yeah! I've said everything I've said before..." And out of tune too! Me and my friend were laughing at them.

In front of me though, sat this really cute ang mo guy. Unfortunately he and his friends got up and sat elsewhere halfway into the show.

Other than that, very very fucking boring. Practically no one turned up...I don't know, it was really pointless.

My silverchair single arrived. I love them. "Pins in my Needles" is a great song. Going to listen to it after this.

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