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American Idol Season 10 - Pia Toscano

It's been a while since I last had a female as a favourite; the last time was probably Fantasia, way back in Season 3 (and I started that season liking Jon Peter Lewis and had to replace him when he got the boot). I don't enjoy American Idol nearly as much anymore, and the last time I properly enjoyed it was Kris Allen's season. This season is further marred by the sad, sad absence of Simon Cowell and the presence of three idiotic judges who sprout over-the-top, insipid and hyperbolic comments, in whose eyes all the contestants are good, which means none of them is good.

But that said, I've always enjoyed Pia Toscano's voice and her singing even though I would run away from a Celine Dion concert. This video, though, her group performance in Hollywood of Bruno Mars' Grenade (which I've never heard until now; I REALLY hate "Just The Way You Are"), has definitely cemented her as my favourite this season.

You can ignore the other two; they look like clowns next to Pia. I went to listen to the original version and wow, there's just something about Bruno Mars' voice that I can't get past. I wish Pia would record a full version of this song.

Of course, it helped greatly at first that she's pretty and pretty hot, let's not even lie (maybe I'm a closet bisexual). I think she sounds perfect here - doesn't try to strain, doesn't over-sing, sings it at a nice range, and sounds great. And she can move! She was so wooden this week with her "up-tempo" song I was under the impression that she had two left feet.

Anyway, that's all from me. Back to Zuma Blitz!
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