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Back from the dead.

This is quite disgusting: The Roger Federer suite, where he stays during the US Open. The bathroom is absolutely decadent, and I'd never understand why anyone would want to sleep on pillows on which their initials are stitched. It's Just Damn Weird.

But then again, mere mortals like me will never understand what it's like to be Roger Federer. He's the God of All Tennis. The Greatest of All-Time. Somehow, such indulgence, borderline pomposity, is quite fitting for someone of his stature.

Okay, maybe I'm just so attached to my rose-tinted glasses that I can't see without them, but whatever. I love Roger. Forever and ever.


Random: My favourite place in Taipei is probably Danshui. Not only is the charcoal-grilled smelly tofu the best smelly tofu in the history of ever, that place has a certain laid-back rustic old-school charm that the rest of Taipei doesn't quite have. Strolling by the river and sipping on plum juice (usually iced), watching the laughing and smiling faces around you, it's quite heavenly. I'm convinced that no one ever gets sad or pissed off in Danshui. It's just not possible. Danshui is too relaxed, too inviting, too friendly for that.

When I miss Taipei, the first place I miss is Danshui. It's the same every time I go back, no matter what year, what time of the year; but it's still wonderful. It's so authentic, so real.

And of course - fucking amazing food. I'm damn hungry right now so yeah, totally craving for the charcoal-grilled smelly tofu. It's usually deep-fried or cooked in soup in night markets. I've yet to find somewhere other than Danshui that grills it on charcoal, which is quite sad, 'cause that's my favourite and Danshui is...very far away. I mean, in Taipei. It's at the end of the red line (Metro line). And the red line is very super long. It takes about 50 minutes to get there from my apartment.

Still, the trip is definitely worth it.


So yesterday I was in attendance at the Professional Responsibility lecture - big fat duh, considering it's compulsory (they mark attendance at the door). I sat in between Mag and Rui, slumped in my seat, eyes glazed over; after a while I stopped pretending to try to listen to what the guy was saying.

My phone vibrated, and it was a text message from Chloe. She said, all gloves off, "You look like the dead."

HAHAHAHAHA. Thanks Chloe. I felt like the dead, in any case.

After a while Rui took out her iPod (I think it is?) and we played two rounds of Boggle. I beat her in the first round. She beat me in the second. I was in the midst of playing the third when the lecture ended and I was all, "YAY I'M OUT OF HERE!" Practically jumped up from my seat and couldn't wait to leave, and obviously I didn't stay for the other two.

Mag was drawing some I don't even know what she was trying to draw thing in my notebook. She was colouring some border, and I kept asking her to hurry so that I could leave. Haha! She can finish her masterpiece the next time we're stuck in a Professional Responsibility lecture. Yes.


Went to Ion after that to buy my Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind DVD in Code 1. Totally bought and loved. And loving. And love. There's some commemorative booklet inserted in the DVD and reading the reviews and reactions from audiences last night made me quite teary. Yeah, I'm totally PMS-ing.

Ion is fucking annoying. I hate how pretentious it is, and I have no idea what the hell a "Food Opera" even is. What the hell does that even mean? In what alternate universe, by what stretch of the imagination, does that stupid phrase even make the most minute of sense? I bitched to Tong about it over dinner and he was all, "Maybe the cleaners will start singing, 'Let me clear your plates.'"

There was quite positively nothing to eat in that food court, so fuck your retarded pretentious name.

In fact, fuck Ion. I honestly didn't think Singapore needed another pretentious rich-people shopping place; Ngee Ann City had that corner quite tightly. But apparently, I'm in the minority. But I don't give a shit. Because Dunkin Donuts Singapore officially sucks, Ion officially has zero use to me.

The stupid slogans plastered all over the walls also made me roll my eyes so hard, they threatened to fall out of my eye sockets. People that cannot write should not attempt to dump words together in a fashion they hope is vaguely literary - because it's not. It's just retarded, and clumsy, and pathetic. And it ANNOYS THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME.

And I'd like to go on record saying this: I fucking HATE the word "fashionista". What the fuck is that? Please, just put me out of my misery.


Met Tong last night after Eff Em Ass meeting with Mentor. I was starving like a person who hadn't eaten in days when he finally arrived (in a cab, of course), and by then I was craving for something fried - Carl's Jr. (omg, the fact that I craved for Carl's Jr. means that I was REALLY hungry and desperate) and Swensen's fish & chips.

He settled on the latter. After I finished everything on my plate save the salad and two and a half fries, I ordered a sticky chewy chocolate and wolfed that one down too. Lovely, right? Bleah, need to swim soon.

Tong finally gave me my due and said that I ate a lot last night. Which is, like, totally the case whenever I'm hungry? Whenever I tell him I'm hungry he'd be all, "Right. Then after 1 piece of bread you'd say you're full." That is SO not true, and even if it is true that I'm hungry fast and full very fast, it obviously takes more than one piece of bread.

I was quite literally freezing my ass off at Swensen's. It was one of those chills that seep into my body and takes a while to get over. I stood outside in the humidity for a while, and after he paid he came out to join me. I thawed for a few minutes. Then went back in to hunt for the ATM. It was seriously damn cold. After he withdrew money I dragged him out to some roof place where I sat down and proceeded to be quite short of breath. My breathing reminded me of how alcohol affected my breathing the last time I drank (at Meritus Mandarin. With Tong), though to a much lesser extent.

But still, it wasn't super comfortable.

Then I drove us home, and fuck, everytime I pressed on the accelerator my knee hurt. Everytime I shifted my foot to the brake pedal, my knee hurt even more. I eventually got quite tired from driving. It's quite a long way back from Marina Square/Esplanade/Raffles Place, I realised last night. It took about half an hour. Or more. Probably more, 'cause I drove below my usual speed last night (tired, didn't feel normal).

Anyway, I wanna eat, so to conclude: Tong was very sweet last night. And I'm still very happy. Yay!

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