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Dim sum. Yummers. <3

Eff Em Ass has effectively ruined my Wednesday plans. Bleah. I was really pissed for like, 15 minutes, but it's not worth the anger so whatever.


I hereby vow to never play tennis at 2 p.m., facing the sun, ever again. Today was just a waste of time. Couldn't do anything right. Wanted to leave 5 minutes after I started playing. The sun was in my face. It sucked, horribly. Horribly.

After tennis I drove myself to Wisma's Food Republic (I played at the other condo which is like, 5 minutes away from town if I'd taken the correct route) where I proceeded to devour 3 plates of dim sum. I'm always starving after tennis. Yup, that's my excuse.

I bought stuff from Body Shop. Yay.

I have nothing else to say.


I think my PMS lasts a week. I've been extremely irritable the past few days, and for once, I'd like my period to arrive ASAP so that I can go back to feeling normal again.

Still, despite having to deal with menstruation on a monthly basis, I wouldn't ever serve National Service in exchange for not getting my period ever again. Like I told Tong several times, and I'm sure it's obvious, I would absolutely, positively, 100% die in NS. I can't imagine not showering properly. I can't imagine not showering for days. I can't imagine eating gross food. I can't imagine sleeping in the jungles. YUCKS. EW. Thinking about it is making me feel damn dirty.

Anyway, two more things:

1. I love Dinara Safina.

Serena Williams can shut her trap about who's "the real #1". Until she bothers enough to show up, REALLY show up, at the non-Slam events, Safina is the #1 player in the world. Period.

I hope she wins a Slam soon though. Maybe, you know, the US Open.

Speaking of which: OMG THE US FUCKING OPEN THE BEST TOURNAMENT IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. I know there are two Masters Series events to go before Flushing Meadows, but...I Can't Wait. My year would definitely be made absolutely epic if Roger wins his sixth straight title. And my Federer Fangirlism would come full circle too - watching him win the title that I first saw him win, again. YAY.

I'm totally dying from having no tennis to watch, so much so that I watched the repeat telecast of the Djokovic/Rochus (Olivier Rochus) Halle match on SuperSports earlier on. Halle is the warm-up tournament to Wimbledon. That shows how old the match is. But it was good! Both played interesting tennis. Watching professionals volley has taken on an entirely new dimension for me after I started (very badly) trying to volley (very badly); some of the shots are just quite incredible now, and more so than ever, now that I can appreciate the level of difficulty that goes into them.

Okay, whatever. Need tennis ASAP. I think Montreal is starting soon YAY!

2. I love Katherine Heigl.

She's gorgeous. And she's a fantastic actress.

I finally watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and I think I'm in the minority here but I really don't want Izzie to die as she's one of my favourite characters, Gizzie-gate and Dead Denny Sex notwithstanding (I hated the stupid Denny thing, even if it was eventually revealed to be hallucinations caused by her brain tumour). Katherine Heigl brings so much to that character - so much spunk, so much heart. You can hate the character, but you can't deny that the actress that portrays her is absolutely fantastic.

I can't be bothered about her alleged controversial comments to the press about how Knocked Up (which I enjoyed haha) is sexist, her bitching about the long work hours on Grey's, blah blah blah. Truth is, Grey's has completely degenerated into a stupid soap opera - full of melodrama, severely lacking in substance. It's a far cry from the quality television it was in Seasons 1 and 2, maybe even 3. Katherine doesn't need the show, but it's possible that the show needs her. I just don't think it'd be the same without Izzie Stevens.

Still, despite Grey's general crappiness, that final shot of Izzie and George was absolutely stunning, and it left me quite disturbed. I was genuinely a bit scared after I watched it.

I wasn't shocked by the George reveal at the end 'cause I accidentally read spoilers. Fantastic.


In other news, I tried beating my dad at Puzzle Fighter in less than a minute just now but the closest I got was exactly 1 minute.

Yup, that's all.

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