anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Super irritating day.

Super irritating day for the following reasons:

1. I woke up at 10.30. Civ Pro lecture was at 11.

2. Because I woke up at 10.30, I called for a cab and wasted $15.50 on cab fare.

2.1. Of course, it's entirely my fault for not waking up earlier, but it was what it was. And it pissed me off.

3. Reached the Supreme Court, just to be stuck behind an old ang moh/American couple tourist who wanted to tour the Supreme Court. They took ages to get past security check.

4. When it was my turn to go through security, the guard asked me if I had a camera in my bag. Because I don't bring my camera to the Supreme Court (for what purpose would I do that, may I ask?), I automatically answered no. He proceeded to ask me to show him the electronic devices I had in my bag. I showed him my two phones. He looked as if he didn't believe me and asked to search my bag. In my head I was all, "This is such a drag, but whatever", and I passed him my bag. He dug through it and miraculously produced my camera, but of course not without saying, with his best Stern Face on, "What is this?"

4.1. No, seriously, give me one good reason I'd have to smuggle a camera into the Supreme Court auditorium. Seriously. Because the last I checked, I had zero interest in taking pictures of the auditorium. And for that matter, the rest of the building.

4.2. So I was all, "Oh shit I forgot!" Apparently I put it in my new bag yesterday which I brought to lectures today because I was too lazy to transfer my stuff. And if I get treated like some criminal for an honest mistake, you can bet your ass I'd get fucking pissed off.

4.3. To make things worse, said American couple who held up the security line also held up the camera deposits line. Old Man asked retarded questions about why cameras are not allowed. Who the fuck cares? This is Singapore. We don't ask questions here.

4.4. I was late for lecture, I took a cab down and wasted my fucking money, and I had to wait forever to deposit my bloody camera which I definitely wouldn't have used anyway. Wonderful start to the super irritating day.

4.5. To round things all off, it was only when I was in my mom's car on the way home that I realised I forgot to retrieve my camera from the deposit counter.

4.6. Wonderful day, right? I know.

5. Eff. Em. Ass. Blah.

6. People who demand respect for no real reason are not people I respect. I don't care what you do, how far you've come in your career; if you have stupid opinions, if you think you're above everyone else simply because of what you do, something is seriously wrong with you, and I am not interested in bothering with you. Respect is not intrinsic. Respect is earned. And respect has nothing to do with seniority and the career path you chose.

7. Sometimes, like today, I really think that I have better things to do with my life than the legal profession. I shall bitch about this privately.

8. The thing I said in the previous entry about how the pride will wear off and not come back? What a self-fulfilling prophecy. I finally got off my ass and looked at post-grad courses, and I realised that my degree isn't really worth much, at least not in regards to the institutions that I think are worth my time and money. (Seriously, if you want to do a post-grad, and you believe you are reasonably intelligent, don't waste your time on mediocre institutions.) If I could buy a first class, I think I would. And the best part? I can't even say how I wish I could go back and do things differently, because the truth is, I know there's no way I could've done well in my first two years. It's, quite honestly, well beyond my capabilities. Sorry, I'm not an all-rounder. Never was, never have been, never will be.

9. I know what I like, I know who I am, and that's the end of it. People who try to change that are really just wasting my time. My dad thinks I'd like this whatever once I get used to it, but the truth is, It's Not Going To Happen. Period. Repeat first sentence of this paragraph.

10. I am super, SUPER irritated. And fucking tired. Fuck this.
Tags: legal profession, plc, rant

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