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forget the world tonight

Kay, supposed to be sleeping now, obviously. It's past 11 and I've got to get up at 6 in the morning. I'm not a morning person. I rather enjoy sleeping. So after this, I'm going to bed.

Want to say again how much I love "Pins In My Needles". Everyone should listen to it! Such a beautiful song. Copied down the lyrics from Great website; found three BDO mp3s. :) I love silverchair!

I just got the site meter thingy, it's really cool. To get your own you click on the little icon thing at the end of every entry. There you'll find a button that says...whatever, you'll know where to click.

Anyway, did nothing tonight. Recorded some songs into a tape, ranted in my diary, and wrote something new while putting "Pins In My Needles" on repeat-all. I read it over and realised it's sort of got a teenybopper-ish undertone...I suspect I wrote it for Daniel Johns...scary thought.

I like him, but it's not like I'll ever have him, so why bother, you know? Same goes for Joaquin, but that man is too dang sexy to resist. :)

Yeah, well. People suck. I still maintain that. I know I said I wouldn't mention the MTV Asia Awards, but I have to say this...when Limp Bizkit was introduced as one of the nominees for "best rock act", they showed a clip from "Rollin'" or whatever. Fred Durst's ugly face was plastered all over the screen. My reaction: "Fuck you!" Very loudly. I think I annoyed the guy next to me. 'Cause whenever a band or a singer or whatever I like is announced or whatever, I'd cheer really loudly. I don't scream, but it's still pretty loud. I found that whenever I do that, the guy beside me would sort of turn his head towards my direction. Ha. I tripped over his candies whilst making my way to my seat...I was like, "sorry." It wasn't very sincere, but too bad.

I think the best act was the circus people...Cirque du Solei or however one spells. Or are they called Alegeria, sp? POD really sucked, did I mention that? They copied off silverchair! Their song goes something like, "We are, we are, the youth of the nation" or something (Have I mentioned this?), and halfway through their performance, a group of teenagers dressed in black came out on stage and waved their arms to the chorus. That was exactly what silverchair did during one of their gigs...when they played "Anthem for the Year 2000", which has a line that goes, "We are the youth", a bunch of people wearing yellow "we are the youth" t-shirts came out and sang to the chorus. That happened in 1999, I believe. POD was sooooo disappointing. I don't like them, but they were the only rock band who performed! I had to sit through crap like Blue (stupid Brit/Irish boyband) and Enrique Iglesias, sp! Even Blue was better than POD!

Oh my god. Did I just say that? Oh my god.

Tags: rant, silverchair

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