anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Another waste-of-time, don't-wanna-do-work entry.


2. My right leg is hurting like there's no tomorrow.

3. Thx U cancelled on me for tomorrow's tennis, and Tong couldn't decide if he felt like playing or not, so I decided for him. Not playing. Because my right leg is hurting like there's no tomorrow.

4. Besides, if I played tennis, tomorrow would be a hell of a long day.

5. Stupid stupid stupid Advo. Stupid. Advo.

6. I am of the humble opinion that Marat Safin is sex on two legs.


I am very sad he's retiring. The Rome 2002 (shit, forgot if it was 2001 or 2002) match he played with Roger was truly something. He's such a talented player, it's really a waste he didn't achieve more.

And of course, he's sooo smoking hot. The only exception I make to my dislike for racquet-throwing behaviour from professionals is, well, Marat Safin. Being hot helps you get away with a lot, A LOT of things.

7. I am, once again, wasting time.

8. I would also like to state for the record one very important thing: Members of my sex, young or old, should think twice before attempting to hit on my boyfriend. I should be sympathetic to your motivation; after all, if I didn't find him mad sexy, I wouldn't be dating him. But too fucking bad for you - he's my boyfriend, and no one can touch my property and mess around with my things without incurring my wrath.

9. My leg is hurting so much, it's impeding my ability to think. Dammit.

10. Back to Point #8: I'm only slightly possessive. Really. Seriously. I think it's perfectly normal to want to whip out an insect repellant and spray him like mad with it when other females try to hit on him. I'd be quite worried if he tells me those things and I'm all, "Oh okay, that's nice! I don't really care!" The day I stop caring is the day I must admit to myself that something is wrong. Because I am not equipped not to care about these things when I care about someone.

11. I'm not possessive in all the other ways. Therefore, I'm only slightly possessive.

12. Last Saturday he told me, after we adjourned to Sand Bar, that some guy was staring at me throughout dinner. The said guy sat at a table behind us, with my back facing him (which means...he was staring at my back. What a loser). I vaguely remembered seeing a couple at that table. And of course, it's natural to assume that the woman he was with was the woman he was with.

I was all, "Ew, that's gross. I hate men like that."

Tong was all, "Can he show me some respect or not?"


13. Once, he made a concerted effort to pull me away from making bodily contact with a random male person, and he simultaneously muttered, "Don't touch my girlfriend!"

Cuteness max.

14. Have to go back to stupid Advo. I want to sleep NOW. Bleah.


ETA at 2.36 a.m.:

Shit, I was such a snob.

Simultaneously, shit, I wrote quite well for 18.

Not sure if I agree with the stuff I wrote 5 years ago about religion. Fundamentally, I agree with the essential point, but I'm not sure if the argument makes sense anymore.

Um, the next entry is even worse in terms of what a snob I was. Hahaha. I guess the bright side is, I am sufficiently embarrassed by it, and I'm not like that anymore. At least, not really. And even if I am, I have become slow to manifest it. I think. I hope.

I am unable to read the subsequent entries. I shall pretend they don't exist.


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