anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Happy girl.

Over dinner, Tong claimed that I was missing out on a lot by not eating meat. Then he added, "But you will not miss out on sex. I'll see to it."

Um. Yay?


We had McDonalds' sundae after dinner, and as I leaned forward to pull in my chair, the tips of my hair inadvertently dipped into my ice-cream.

Tong noticed before I did. He said, with some alarm in his voice, "Your hair!"

After I came back from the toilet, I saw him walking towards the self-service counter and coming back with serviettes. As he came back towards me, I was happily eating my sundae, licking ice-cream off my spoon.

He sat back down. "You're like a baby," he said.


I must confess I am extremely retarded around him. I'm already slightly retarded around Mag and Rui at times, but around Tong, I'm retarded, and extremely so. The only people I'm more retarded around are my family.

I can't explain it any other way, except: that is precisely how comfortable it is with him. I randomly sang along to some Chinese song in the cab on the way home - that's how comfortable it is.

I gave him a muffin today. One muffin, one month.

(Of course, it would've been perfect if I'd gone to Starbucks to buy the low-fat banana muffin, but Starbucks' muffins aren't nice if they're not heated up.)


Very. Sleepy.

Drafting tutorial today was fun. I was asked to read out my draft to Letter 4A, and my answer was, "I didn't redraft it. I thought it was okay."

I was also asked to read out my amendment to the precedent for some insurance or whatever shit from Buttersworth. My face felt super hot the entire time. I saved that piece for last because I had NO IDEA what the bloody original thing was going on and on about, and when I chopped it up I did it in ten minutes 'cause I was in a hurry to shower, and my point is that it's crap and really bad. So when I had to read it out, I was quite mortified.

He asked me if my draft contained any provisos. At first I said, "Um, no." He looked puzzled, which prompted me to ask, "What's a proviso?"

He said something about excluding whatever. I was still completely clueless, and that was when he asked me to read out my draft.

Oh my gad! Embarrassing max. My 5(a) was worse though. As I was reading I started laughing 'cause it STILL sounded extremely convoluted. Oh well.

Conveyancing tutorial...let's just say when Jervis, who sat to my right, went, "Huh?" towards the end of the class, that pretty much summed up the entire class.

The assignment will not be fun to do.

Going to shower and sleep now.
Tags: plc, wei chuen

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