anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Super retarded waste-of-time entry.

1. Currently dying over conveyancing tutorial.

2. I am a serial procrastinator. I take hours to do something I can finish in half an hour because I have a very short attention span when it comes to things I don't exactly want to do, and thus, I get distracted easily.

3. I also take ages to get started on something. It's very sad.

4. I am amazed I managed to graduate law school with this kind of work attitude.

5. I wanna die NOW. I must say I care 0% about the fake clients' purchase of some property. At times like these, I miss hypotheticals. And I never thought I'd live to say something like that, ever.

6. I also care 0% about drafting amendments to some option to purchase thingy or other.

7. My night would've been better spent collecting my plate from Tong's house. Seriously.

8. Actually, #7 is a given; totally goes without saying.

9. This entry is a further waste of my time.

10. I shall post this now and go back to my torture.

11. Before that, I'd like to announce to the world that Tong and I are having 10 kids. Isn't that wonderful?

12. That's the kind of nonsense we spend our time talking about.

13. I suddenly feel like eating the bread and butter pudding I ate at Sheraton.

14. Hungriness.

15. Time to finish this crap and go do something more interesting.

16. I don't feel like going for the morning lecture 'cause my mom isn't home and I'd have no transport to a decently-located MRT station.

17. Damn sian. No money to take cab. Very poor.

18. I CANNOT survive on $500 a month.

19. Need money.

20. Will ask from parents soonest.

Tags: food, plc, random

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