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Yesterday was a pretty good day despite my dread of (for?) Edu-Dine. The only thing that I can say publicly about Edu-Dine is that my vegetarian menu was fantastic. I had some portobello mushrooms with grapefruit thing as a starter, and despite initially thinking "omg how am I going to eat that thing" when I saw the grapefruit, when I put it into my mouth and bit into it, it was quite divine. The vegetarian lasagne was also awesome, and even reminded me a bit of the one I ate at Original Sin (but the Original Sin one was better). I'm quite cool with eggplants and capsicums and whatever else not as long as they're mushy and as long as I can't taste them. Yep.

There was also a plate of chocolates and pralines after the main course. I ended up eating a lot of it. Qijing, who sat next to me, had to help me fetch the plate (which was at the other side of the table), like, twice. Haha. It was YUMS.

I didn't drink any wine. Duh.

Apart from the food, my first Edu-Dine was not too bad. I didn't feel forced to make intelligent conversation and was quite content listening to the guest person at my table. It also ended at a decent hour, so it was all good.

Of course, there were downsides, but I don't think I can say them publicly so oh well, too bad.

Bored while waiting for Edu-Dine to start. (I deliberately did not choose the ones in which Rui was making her trademark funny faces.)


Before Edu-Dine, I went back to law school to take photos in the ugly graduation gown with Jolie, Rui, Ping Ying, Regina, Pet, and a few others in the morning. I HATE wearing the damn gown; it's SUPER ANNOYINGLY HOT. I started sweating really fast, and 30 minutes later I got quite tired. I had to leave at 12-ish because I had to cut my stupid hair before I went down to City Hall for Edu-Dine, and when I finally got out of that thing called a gown, I couldn't have been more glad.

BTC is a very pretty campus. I never knew where the Management Office was. I also never knew where the clinic was. The canteen is currently under renovation, and all the tenants have moved out, including the drinks stall. I felt a bit sad seeing my canteen all boarded up, and I thought I'd still have the chance to buy super cheap and good kopi c kosong peng one of these days.

I guess not. Everything moves on at some point.

Law school

Jolie and I were very sad that everyone was late.

Making up for missed photo-ops at Commencement.


Tong and I had lunch at a fantastic Indian restaurant at Vivo. I randomly decided on Go India 'cause I randomly decided I felt like eating Indian, and Tong didn't really care, so we settled there.

We sat outdoors which was quite a milestone in itself, considering Tong is ALWAYS complaining about the heat and marvelling over the brave souls who perch their asses outdoors on a humid night. But then again, the inside was a bit stuffy, and the outside was by the river/sea/whatever. It was quite cooling. Tong stole my seat when I went to the toilet to wash my hands, and just like that, I was robbed of my seat under the fan.

But then, his seat was not very hot either. He muttered something about moving the table with sheer brute strength, and till now, I still don't know if he was serious or joking.

The food was DAMN GOOD. I ordered some fish thing and it was apparently full of mashed up parsley but I didn't even know until I bit into one. Biting into the stupid parsley spoiled it a little for me, but I couldn't taste it the rest of the time. Tong ordered some chicken thing (oh my god, I'm doing a great job of describing my food) with seriously yummy sauce. We were both very happy. And the Indian waiter was super nice.

OMG!! HE SMILES!! I adjusted his hand before the waiter took the picture, and I guess the waiter acted fast enough to catch his smile when he was all, Why are you adjusting my hand?! I totally love this picture; I think it's tres adorable.


Tong came up to my house for like, 10 minutes before we went off to dinner. It was enough time for him to sit at the piano and play a few notes.

I find his artistic inclinations extremely sexy. I personally hate playing the piano and will never go back to it again because my experience with it was just...awful. I like piano music; I just can't play it. But I can definitely appreciate someone who can.

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