anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

brain going into over-drive...

I don't know if Gen and I are moving too fast.

I mean, I've known him for 6 days, not counting today, which would make it 7, and already he's kissed me 3 times and told me he loves me.

This is so weird. But not bad-weird. Good-weird. Very good-weird. I really like being with him and having him staring at me in that penetrating way of his, and not to mention I LOVED IT when he kissed me.

But I don't know if we're moving too fast. My mind is telling me to slow down, but my heart (or body, whatever) says everything is in its place and I should ask my mind to shut up, because it is it that had caused me major trauma before many a times in the first place.

But 6 days?

Okay. This is the part where I tell myself to shut up. I mean, seriously. This is so typically me (Britney-reference not intended). I think way too much. Gen does not think at all. He acts and thinks later. I think and act later.

I should follow his example.

But god. I can still smell him, can still feel his hand in mine, his lips against mine. OH MY GOD. It makes me go crazy.

Today is his half day, as in he doesn't have to work in the morning. I just HAVE to have tuition on Saturdays! Goddammit. I have to see him again. I'm going to the restaurant for lunch with The Goofball and Cheryl on Sunday, and I am so darn excited.

I don't know where the hell we should go for our next date. Which is like, on Tuesday. There is nowhere to go around here. And because I'd be in my bloody uniform AGAIN, there isn't much we can do either, if you get what I mean, besides talk.

Actually, talking is good too.

Okay. I seriously have no idea what the fuck I'm typing. But he's the first thing on my mind when I wake and the last thing I think about before I sleep. I opened my eyes at around 6 a.m. today and the first thing I thought of was his kisses. After that I had a hard time falling asleep again, and I went on to wake up at 8.20 a.m.

Not only am I losing my appetite, I'm losing my sleep as well.

But if it means having someone like Gen as my boyfriend (that sounded strange, but good-strange), I'm not even complaining.


Tags: first boyfriend

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