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imitation of art

I have to write a speech for my ECA, and I've decided to do on, you know, how entertainment/art is always blamed for murders. For example the Colorado shootings that took place a few years back...Marilyn Manson was made the main scapegoat, along with "The Basketball Diaries", both the book and the film (even though in the book, Jim doesn't really fantasise about killing people, but I guess the media chose to conveniently overlook that). So I'm at the Jim Carroll website, and I'm reading this article.

Well, suffice to say that I have found new respect for Marilyn Manson (or Brian Warner, whichever you prefer). I have one of their albums, Mechanical Animals, I think it's called, but I don't really listen to it, 'cause I don't like it that much. But that article is makes a lot of sense. It's thought-provoking.

One would never have guessed.

Tags: commentary, jim carroll, media

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