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An alarming exchange on Facebook.

[Name of Facebook friend who is probably a doctor now]
Please guys, look at the big picture. Ministers are human beings, not Gods, so surely they will make some blunders along the way. Vote with wisdom and don't fall prey to the emotional appeal of the opposition :)

The comments that ensued:

[Person 1]
Wow you obviously have no idea what you're talking about..haha

[Person 2]
but i v pek chek over LHL $3.87 million pay plus 8/12 bonus leh.. how..

[Person 3]
‎-wondering if that was said with irony-

[Person 4]
Frankly speaking, don't you find the ruling party working extra hard this election trying to address the concerns of the public? NWC to announce higher wages, upgrading plans, housing issues. Some opposition voices are good (just some). We all know that monopoly is bad for consumers.

[Facebook friend who's probably a doctor now]
If thats the price of peace then so be it.

And what makes u think that the opposition can provide u something better? They only bear the grouses, they make the diagnosis but they have no bloody plan, no bloody manifesto. What is the bloody point in electing someone like tt if any layman who could speak well could probably deliver a good rally just as they did. We need leaders, movers and shakers, NOT LOSERS.

[Person 1]
erm, have u taken time to study their maifesto (yes they have)? Voting opposition is not about overthrowing the PAP - it's about providing check and balance in the govt, who are obviously losing track of their priorities. No party is bigger than the country

[Person 4]
Although i must say, drawing $60 Billion from the reserves does sound [unreasonable].

[Person 5]
indeed they aren't gods and should thus stop it with their god complexes! telling aljunied grc that we have '5 years to live and repent' if we dare vote for the opposition? pfffffffft.

[Person 6]
Eugene, have you actually bothered to check whether : 1) the opposition parties have workable manifestoes 2) whether the opposition parties have workable plans, or are you just spouting off like the PAP is, and relying on a press and media ranked 136th in the world for your information and opinions? (source -

May I refer you to and to look up the very comprehensive plans that our current opposition has for Singapore and Singaporeans. Then ask the question - what plans does the PAP have for our future? What manifesto does the PAP have? Heck, does it even have a DIAGNOSIS?

Singapore has turned into a degenerate country. Drawing on our rainy day resources to revitalise our society hardly seems like an unreasonable thing to do. What are our reserves for otherwise?

[Facebook friend who's probably a doctor now]
And did it occur to u that voting out one Grc to the opposition can potentially fuck up the whole bloody country? It may mean that ur whichever minister who takes lead is some dude who may not be interested in the specific affairs but in planning for the next ge and in defending his/her party's interest. Hasn't progress in the country been prove of the track record? Sure an ideal government is one that is able to meet the needs of all it's pple, but we know we live in a real world. Get real, and live with the limitations of what is already, in my viewpoint a near perfect society.

We cannot satisfy everyone, but I'm pretty sure Mr Harry left an amazing legacy behind for us to enjoy.

Please don't fuck it up.

To all Singaporeans who have eyes to see, ears to hear and heart to feel.

Let's be contented :)

[Person 6]
-startled- you sound like someone hacked your account.


[Person 1]
Eugene, you're obviously blinded. But it's ok, I respect your viewpoint. There's no point talking, let's wait for 7 May

[Irrelevant posts truncated]

[Facebook friend who's probably a doctor now]
And btw, true political awareness goes far beyond just ourselves. It's about having a collective dream, a Singapore that u and I desire. We must remind ourselves that there is no enemy in midst of all these elections, and it's one people, one nation, one Singapore and it's our responsibility to our country that we make sure that we as members of the electorate make an informed choice. It's not only about ourselves.

Happy labour day, with no pun intended :)

[Person 7]
hey, just some corrections. if u vote out george yeo, it doesnt mean the next foreign affairs minister is from opposition. it'll still be from the majority party, very likely the PAP. so ur fears are totally unfounded. besides, i personally don't think they have done a very good job. people will vote for whoever based on their own reasons... no need to be too worked up

[Facebook friend who's probably a doctor now]
Well its all good debate isn't it? :) I'm not worked up at all luh [Person 7] :) Just using expletives to deliver punches in my posts for more impact tsktsk :) sorry ;p

I'd be quite pleased to be making a $10,000 per day blunder in my regular job.

[Person 8]
nice one la bro

[Facebook friend who's probably a doctor by now]
Well if our ministers are of mnc ceo calibre, I don't see why we should deny them the kind of salary if they were in private sector?

As mnc CEOs they only look at economic agendas, but as ministers it's everything from finances to education to health to ethics etc which is requires far more responsibilities. Well of course we could say that this is a public service but we need the incentive to attract these calibre :)

And we do remember years ago when one of our political leader pursued someone, a renowned banker to be our then finance minister who had to take a pay cut when he probably would be earning much more if he didnt take the leap. Taking the plunge for public service. :)

[Person 8]
yup anw i don't really care how much they earn, as long as i'm not the one paying the bulk of it. (Singapore has one of the lowest tax rates in the world)

anw i just hope that once the results are out, opposition voters would not cry foul cos i think the vast majority of eligible voters still maintain a sense of objectivity, i hope

If I made WKS's blunder a la the Mas Selamat fiasco, I'd be fired faster than I'd be able to apologise. That is, in the private sector. Why pay ministers 10,000 a day when 1) calibre is questionable; and 2) the point of public service should never be about the money? In any event, it's a bit of a travesty that Barack Obama, who arguably has a more difficult job than LHL, doesn't even earn the kind of money that Singapore's ministers do. If they're so hung up about the lost opportunity cost, please, by all means, leave the public sector and take a stab at being a CEO of a private company. If people are sincere about serving the public, they won't need any incentive to join public service.

In any event, what is wrong with having some opposing voices in Parliament? I think it's far-fetched to prophesise that PAP will be voted out of government entirely, so what is the harm in having more than 2 seats in Parliament given to non-PAP MPs? Having read UK Parliamentary debates and Singapore ones, I can definitely say that I'd be more interested in reading Singapore Parliamentary debates if a real debate actually took place in Parliament.

A few points:

1. You say they're not gods, but I think they see themselves as gods.

2. You say there's no enemy, but obviously you view opposition candidates as the enemy. Refer to comment about giving the opposition one GRC. The exact argument can be made for the PAP. What makes the opposition any different?

3. A near-perfect society? That's easy for you to say if you don't live in Potong Pasir, if you don't need to sit in an MRT underpass in Raffles Place and sell tissue paper to people who don't give a shit about you just to make a living, if you're living comfortably in a HDB flat or maybe even a condo and don't have to worry about making ends meet. You're comfortable, but not everyone is in the same position as you. There are people actually affected by the 2% increase in GST. There are people actually affected by transport fare hikes. See, I don't care how much they raise transport fees by because I can afford it, but at least I'm not so dense that I conveniently forget that there are people, Singaporeans like us, in this country who do not have the luxury of making the comment that I just made, who do not have the means to take a taxi everywhere when they feel like it, who don't work in a bloody law firm and earn 6,000 a month. If it's really about the country, and not about YOUR material comfort, what do you have to say about these people, the less fortunate, those that don't see a doctor when they're sick because they can't afford it? What do you say about the elderly living in opposition wards which HDB flats have lifts that don't even stop on every floor? I am stopping here before I say "fuck you" because that's what I really feel like saying right now.

4. Ministers' pay: I am just going to say this. What the flying fuck kind of argument is it to say that we need to pay these people 10,000 a fucking day because these people who could actually be a CEO in real life need the incentive to enter public service? If you enter public service, you better want to fucking serve the country. If you're so hung up about the salary that you cold be making, then get the hell out of the government and join an MNC. I don't want someone like that in Parliament anyway. And calibre? Really? Wong Kan Seng has calibre? Mah Bow Tan? Do you even know what the fuck you're talking about?

Oh my god, I need to stop talking to these people. They just piss me off. Bloody brainless PAP apologists.

And whoever talks to me about ministers' pay and how they're entitled to such a huge amount of money, please don't even bother because your argument is pure bullshit. I'm not even gonna pretend to be objective. It's public service. It means you don't do it for the money. It means you give up your high salary because you want to SERVE THE FUCKING PUBLIC, and it means you don't tweak the goddamn law to your favour and self-compensate for it. It's simple: you know what you're getting yourself into and therefore you don't get to whine about what you gave up to do another job. IT'S THAT FUCKING SIMPLE, and I refuse to vote for a party who thinks itself right to pay the Prime Minister of SINGAPORE, a tiny fuck country in Southeast Asia that doesn't even have that much international influence, astronomically more money than BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

Rant over. Off to SDP rally. I'm wearing red on Tong's behalf.
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