anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Madrid Masters: Fernando Verdasco needs to fuck off

Lu Yen-Hsun just took the first set from Tabasco sauce in a tie-break, 9-7. Tabasco played like shit and he behaved like someone who should be playing better. Maybe, but Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer he ain't. Remember how he double-faulted on match point in the 2009 Australian Open semi-final to give Nadal the win? Yeah, that's Fernando Verdasco.

I'm biasedly thrilled that Lu just took the first set (though victory is far from certain) because I support Lu on the basis that he's Taiwanese. 50% of my excitement is due to that. The other 50% is due to a combination of Verdasco behaving like a brat and the fucking Madrid crowd being sore losers. The scant applause that Lu received for some brilliant shots is downright embarrassing. Maybe they should just accept the fact that Fernando Verdasco simply ISN'T THAT GOOD.

Also, I am shocked to hear the poor umpires scoring in Spanish. When did that happen? When did Madrid pull a Paris? Fuck this shit. You fucking score in ENGLISH because tennis is an INTERNATIONAL BLOODY SPORT. At this rate, I'm gonna petition Shanghai and Beijing to start scoring in Chinese and we'll see how they bloody like it.

Rant over, time to shower, 盧彥勳 加油!!
Tags: lu yen-hsun, madrid masters, rant, tennis

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