anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Um. This is so Junior College.

Dear [Yelen],

Thank you for getting in touch. I attach Prof Kriangsak's comments on your exam questions. He would also like us to circulate your answer to Question 8 (as a model answer) to the whole class - may I have your consent for us to do so?

I thought such things ended in junior college, but apparently not. I can't help but laugh at this, and not simply because it reminds me so much of JC. I can't help but laugh because Question 8 was the question in response to which I indicted Vladimir Putin for the crime of aggression, and if I'm being very honest, I chose that question for the following reasons:

1. The others were too long (though I had to choose one of the three long ones because I had to do two hypotheticals);

2. I genuinely knew shit about the ICTY and the ICTR;

3. The question was on who was criminally responsible for the Georgia/Russia conflict, which was a relatively recent one that I vaguely followed;

4. More importantly, Prof barely talked about it in class so there was no fixed set of facts or analyses that I was expected to be familiar with, unlike the questions on the ICTY and the ICTR; and

5. I was too lazy to read the other long hypotheticals. And I knew enough to know that I would've been in for a super arduous and tedious few hours of speed-reading through my textbook and class notes if I'd chosen the ICTR question.

Oh, and I was also laughing when I wrote the last part where I indicted Putin for the crime of aggression, mostly because the possibility of it ever happening in real life is a grand total of zero, and thus I found it quite ridiculous.

I find this whole thing quite ridiculous. I read my exam comments and he had no comments for Question 8. What the hell. HAHA. For all my bitching and falling asleep in his classes, I must say I was greatly and sufficiently entertained in the end.


In other news, oh my god, this is so surreal. Veronica Mars has Twitter!

This is even weirder than following Andy Roddick on Twitter.

I LOVE Veronica Mars.



My mom hauled home a free weighing scale and I just stepped on it three times.

First time: 50.4 kg

Second time: 48.6 kg

Third time: 48.5 kg

Um what the fuck? Clearly the scale is all out of whack, and if I'm really 48 kg, something needs to be done about that. I've decided that my real ideal weight is 50 'cause skin and bones is NOT a good look, and my boobs are non-existent, and therefore I am unsexy, so...fuck, this means I need to eat more. Oh no. How terrible.

Tags: current affairs, i'm fat, kristen bell, law school

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