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"Tight, beautiful drafting."

Today's drafting lecture reminded me of all the reasons I hated law school two weeks after I matriculated. Back then I was still utterly convinced in my destiny as a writer, and thus I felt constrained and suffocated by the kind of writing, or lack thereof, that was required of me. It was shockingly different, and I wrote in my diary back then that I found legal English to be an utter insult to the English language because the former reduced the latter to a mere tool, a mere function, when it was anything but, and so much more than that.

Lo and behold, apparently, four years later, I still feel the same way. It didn't help that I found the lecturer really annoying (I'm sorry, something is wrong with you if you're genuinely passionate about drafting legal documents); but even if I hadn't felt that way, I still would've been extremely irritated by the lecture. I don't know how else to say this, except maybe thus: I am sorry, but I cannot get behind an exercise that reduces the English language to a mere function. I find it vastly easier to write research papers than to draft a writ of summons or an affidavit, and all the drafts I did at The Firm had many, many sentences cancelled out. It's definitely arguable that these things can be learned, and that my verbosity can be tempered, and I'd agree with that whole-heartedly because I believe that I can write anything.

But the problem is, it's called drafting, not writing, and I pretentiously believe that I'm a writer, not a draftsman. I mean, seriously. If I'm being really honest, the truth is that I can't stand it. I can't stand legal documents, and I can't stand writing (sorry, drafting) them. One of the many reasons I hated law school in my first two years was because I felt that my writing skills were utterly wasted on the law, and that was without the benefit of reading an actual legal document, let alone having gone through the task of drafting one.

Granted, I have come to accept that this is what I'm going to be doing for the next few years, and if I went into this knowingly, voluntarily, I shouldn't complain.

But the flip side is: When the hell have I ever lived by that logic? Sorry ah, I complain like mad (just ask Tong) and I will continue complaining because it's apparently the thing at which I excel most, and because I HAVE to complain or I can't do this. I don't know if that makes sense, but no matter; bottom line is...

I have lost my train of thought. But anyway, all I wanted to say was that I was supremely irritated at the lecture, and I felt a bitter taste rise up my throat when I heard "tight, beautiful drafting". I cannot stand it. That is all I can say.


In other news, I got my period today and my fucking menstrual cramps were SO bad that I left after the first afternoon lecture. Not only did I leave, I wasted $11.80 on cab fare.

It was SO bad. I honestly cannot remember the last time I experienced such excruciating period cramps. Like, what the fuck, usually I'd feel something sore in that area that goes away after a while, or is so negligible that I forget about it after a while. Today, though? I was absolutely dying. I can't even begin to describe the extent to which I was dying. And I had dinner plans with Mag, Ven, Jean and Jolie, and I couldn't go because of my stupid menstrual cramps.

I hate getting my period.


I want my hair to be like this.

If I could, I'd hug Tong's card to sleep every night. I could, but I don't want to 'cause I'd probably roll all over it at night and I'd wake up to find it crumbled and I'd be very sad at the sight. The thing about having a boyfriend who can draw is that he draws you a birthday card; the thing about having a boyfriend who can write is that he writes you a beautifully succinct message. He is as economical with his words as I am verbose. I think when it's my turn to write him something for his birthday, it'd total to a few pages.

I wrote something about the ex-boyfriend here but I deleted it because I realise it's not worth my time. I'm going to hurry wash plates now and go out to meet Tong. Yay.

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