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I am pleasantly surprised that #iranelection is still a trending topic on Twitter. On a related note, I'm sad I didn't get to see Roger Federer being a trending topic on Twitter as I had no Internet access after the match.

On another, and unrelated, note, last night I was suffering from a random bout of severe chills, after going to the toilet at Coffee Bean Rail Mall which was even colder than the rest of the place (as if it's even possible right? But it is), and drinking half a small cup of iced water. I was SO cold that I couldn't take it, despite my long-sleeved white shirt. Admittedly the material sucks and it's thus utterly useless in providing warmth, but still. It got so bad that I told Tong, "Let's go."

We adjourned to Blooie's where I sat under the air-conditioner to keep out of the cold air's path. I'd defrosted a little, but was still really cold. We were at a table with two chairs facing each other, and next to the table, 90 degrees to the two chairs, was a cushioned seat with next to the wall. I sat there, under the air-conditioner, and continued feeling cold.

Five minutes later I couldn't take it anymore and asked Tong to sit next to me. The cold progressively went away, and it was so comfortable sitting next to him that I just let it continue. 40 minutes later, or thereabout, when he got up to use the toilet, leaving me to get the bill (with some money he left on the table), I looked to my right for the first time...and saw that his side of the seat was significantly wet.

That was after I felt some water dripping on me slightly. I looked up at the air-conditioner - and saw that it was dripping copiously, like there was no tomorrow.

Oh my god. The whole he just sat there without a word, and I wasn't even paying attention when I saw him reach for the serviette from the corner of my eye and did something with it to his right. I was completely oblivious, I had ZERO clue, and I think if it'd been me I would've made some noise about it at some point.

He just sat there, not saying a word about the leaky air-conditioner, next to me. Just because I was cold.

That was probably the sweetest thing he's done for me, and he's not short of sweet gestures (the Lana cake, for instance, pretty much melted me into a puddle of goo. Yucky goo, but still goo nonetheless). After that I felt really bad, but simultaneously, I also felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

I don't know why I just typed all that. I'm tired, not thinking straight, and I have to wake up early tomorrow for an hour's worth of class. Yay. After that it's shopping at Raffles City. Yay!

I'm freezing my ass off in my room. I'm very sleepy and super lazy to go shower but I guess I have no choice. SIGH.

Lazy to write about other things. Maybe some other time.

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