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What nonsensical rubbish "poems" + OMG Wimbledon DREAM FINAL.

This rubbish is so damn bad, I just have to blog it. I saw this on Wimbledon's official Twitter page: A collection of "poems" dedicated to Roger and Andy.

Oh my god I'm about to stab my eyes out with a fork and bleach my brains and throw up everything I've eaten the whole day, anything at all just to erase the memory of having read these "poems". What the fuck, seriously. If you can't write, please don't even bother trying. Both Roger and Andy deserve better than these amateurish, badly-written crap. I don't know who these mugs are, and frankly I don't care, but oh my god. OH. MY. GOD. What is wrong with people nowadays? Seriously.

I have always maintained that poetry is the highest form of art. And by virtue of that distinction, it is untouchable by mere mortals - and mere mortals are a dime a dozen.

My favourite poet, by the way, just for the sake of it, is Seamus Heaney. Or rather, my favourite poem is one written by Heaney. Of course I'm not particularly well-read when it comes to poetry (too oblique and pretentious sometimes), but I really adore Heaney's The Walk, which I posted in this entry. It's still utterly beautiful no matter how many times I read it.


30 minutes to Roger making tennis history. OH MY GOD.

I still maintain, though, that a part of me wouldn't be all that crushed if Andy came in from way behind and pulled off the biggest upset of his career. I think he deserves another Grand Slam to his name after persevering and keeping at it for so many years. In fact, as thrilled and happy and whatever as I'd be when Roger wins, I'd also be simultaneously disappointed for Andy. His only obstacle to more Grand Slam titles has been one person: Roger Federer. Losing to him yet again will be expected, but no less crushing - especially after everything he did to make himself a better player this year.

I enjoy these two tennis players for different reasons, but there is one common one: I am emotionally invested in their careers. It used to be more Roger than Andy, but now, Andy's story is just as captivating, albeit in a different manner. Andy may be a brash, annoying and typical American jock, but you cannot accuse him of not caring and not trying. Therefore, the only time I'd wave an American flag is in support of Andy Roddick.

I also love the many times he came to Roger's rescue when the press was writing Roger off, and how he tweeted that Roger is the best player ever. Roger also gives him due respect and credit, saying that he has the best second serve on the tour, and that he has a solid baseline game to back up his serves (which I totally agree with).

I'm so HAPPY it's the two of them in the final, and that I don't have to force myself to watch someone like Andy Murray. Yay Original Andy!


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