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(Wimbledon 2009) Federer d. Haas 7-6(3), 7-5, 6-3

Wimbledon 2009: Federer d. Haas 7-6(3), 7-5, 6-3


On match point he did a Sampras - leapt into the air for a ferocious smash, Sampras' favourite shot (according to the commentary on the Federer/Sampras 2001 Wimbledon match), and it was one of the very, VERY rare times I've actually seen Roger do that. It was MAGNIFICENT.

In fact, Roger has been playing so well this entire tournament, I really believe he's going to win on Sunday. I marvelled to my mom mid-way through the match how much better he's been playing since winning in Madrid as compared to the end of last year and the start of this year, especially in the American hard court tournaments. No more stupid errors, and having the calmness and confidence to execute an absolutely lethal gameplan.

His genius is profound and confounding at the same time. It's so fluid, so quietly elegant, you almost don't notice how deadly he is when he's on form. But when you realise just what you're watching, it takes your breath away, every single time. Every single time I watch him he comes up with these extraterrestrial shots that just blow my mind wide open, and every single time that happens I'm just convinced he's not human. He cannot be human. No human being in the world can humanly make a sport look that beautiful, that profound. He makes tennis deeper than it actually is, more compelling, cerebral, precisely because the way he plays it is pure, unadulterated genius.

He is pure genius. He oozes genius from every single pore of his body. I'm so glad he's back, that he's proving all the naysayers heralding the end of his career wrong, that he's really going to go down in history as the greatest of all-time once he breaks the Sampras Record. There's just no one like him - NO ONE. No one plays tennis the way he does, so corruptibly beautiful, breath-takingly elegant, so much so that words fall utterly short describing the beauty he displays on a tennis court. It's the kind of beauty that is capable of moving me to tears.

SIGH. I love him. There is nothing else to say.


I da bao-ed my affidavit home today because I couldn't go on anymore at 7-plus. Today was the latest I've left work. I'm amazing, I know.

On a random note, I just read that I wrote about the newly-minted boyfriend being away in Japan in the previous entry (or rather, I mentioned it). HAHA. So much for the confusion over lunch; sorry for my bad memory, Pet.

Okay I have nothing else to day, except I'm super excited about playing tennis tomorrow and therefore it's a real bummer that my left knee was inexplicably hurting this morning. It persisted through the day, only relenting in the late afternoon; but when I took the MRT home and stood throughout the whole trip, it started hurting again.

Very sad. I refuse to wear a knee guard because I really don't need another fucked up tan line; it's not as if the sharp contrast in the tanned portion of my legs against the natural, untanned thighs isn't garish enough. I don't need a knee guard tanline, thanks.

And the only way I'd stop playing tennis is if I broke my leg or something - permanently. To hell with the busted knee cartilage! I'd die if I can't play tennis.

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