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Um, can't think of a title.

This sounds really terrible, but if truth be told, I wasn't going to go to the mini-St. Nicks class gathering at Baker's Inn (I cannot bring myself to spell properly a misspelled word) today because Roger played Soderling tonight, but I went in the end because I hadn't seen them in a really, really long time...

And I'm so happy I did! It was so fun. Yun and I in particular were talking quite a bit, mostly nonsense, but also serious, sensible things. I hated SNGS to be sure, but I love my friends very much. Pearlyn's haircut is fantastic despite my initial reaction. And it was good seeing the Clare Gang so to speak; I can't remember the last time I saw them.

I'm sad Yun supports Murray though. How can anyone like that little runt?! I'd take Nadal anytime, thanks.


He won Soderling. Duh. Two tie-breaks in the last two sets though. My mom said there was a lot of serving. I'm lazy to watch. I'm glad Roger came through in straight sets...though was that ever really in doubt?

I love Roger! I'm such a retarded fangirl.


In other news, probably shocking news, and I don't know how to say this, and I don't really want to say it, and...

Okay, on second thought, I'll write about this when I have more time and energy to dedicate to it. Too important to be cheapened by some lazy, half-assed writing.


Work was tiring. Reading that one case on resulting trusts and the presumption of advancement took a lot out of me. I don't even know why. And I consider Trusts and Equity my favourite substantive law subject. Of course, I don't care for most of the substantive law modules we were forced to take in law school, and I base my assessment significantly on the fact that I got a B for Trusts which is my best 8-cred grade, like, ever; but the flip side is, if I didn't like it, I wouldn't have done relatively well for it.

Everyone hates Trusts though, which, yes, I can understand. It's fucking complicated and mind-bending - which is precisely why I can say seriously and genuinely that I like it. It's honestly the only substantive law subject that I've found intellectually challenging. All the other stuff like Tort, Contract, Company (especially Company) are just...bleah.

Conflicts comes in a distant second, shockingly. I had no idea what went on in class, had no idea what nonsense I wrote in my exam, but it's fun if I don't have to study for it. Not getting a C for it also helped, of course; it always does.


Just so everyone knows: I love Ch@ng Ru! Sh@n. YAY!

Lastly, I need a new laptop.

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