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Responding to the if project.

If asked to do something that you would otherwise find morally repugnant, what would it take to convince you to do it? What's your price? (Not excluded to money.)

Things that I find morally repugnant: Killing people and killing animals.

What would convince me to kill another person? Rationally speaking, I don't suppose anything ever would. But who knows what I'm capable of if I'm ever pushed to a point where anger and wrath clouds my better judgement? If I ever get to that point, and I pray I never do, I suppose the slightest thing could drive me to kill. It's a darker side of me that I try to run away from like a coward, but anyway. Money is not, and would never be, an issue. It doesn't matter that I live in an age where money practically defines a person. It's not and issue, and would never be an issue. I wouldn't kill even if you paid me a billion dollars. Not even to kill Britney Spears. (of course, we're ignoring the possibility that one day I might turn into a cold-hearted bitch and forgo all my morals and shit like that).

The same pretty much goes for killing an animal. This may sound inane, but I try not to even kill ants and other pesky insects...of course, sometimes it's inevitable 'cause I unconsciously step on them and all, but I still try not to do it. The only thing that would convince me to kill an animal is when it's plain and obvious that the animal is in pain and suffering from some disease that no one could cure. Then I'd kill it. My hamster Danny? He died a few days ago. I considered killing him to put him out of his misery (because he was all skinny, without any fur, and lying half-dead in the cage, twitching away), but I didn't do it. I couldn't. And besides, I don't know how to.

Another thing I find morally repugnant is conning (sp) old folks of their money, and I'd only do it when I'm very very very very very desperate for cash. I wouldn't pick on the obviously defenseless ones though. I'd choose those that live in luxury, with big bungalows and 3 Mercedes Benz(es), not those that live in 2-room flats and things like that. Of course, it would send me on a long and hard guilt trip. But I think I'd do it anyway, if I ever become that desperate for money.

(PS, not related to topic: I am still very annoyed.)

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