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Flowers in spirit.

We met at Ion Orchard yesterday evening. More specifically, he met me at La Senza where I was trying to find 5 pairs of underwear to purchase so as to fulfill the 5 for $40 promotion. I was trying to look for the 5th pair and I kept prodding him to help me choose, but alas, he did not. What a wasted opportunity. This might be too much information.

We had dinner at Watami, after looking at the massive queue that formed outside the Japanese place that he wanted to go to which he said was really good. I really wanted to satisfy my craving for hiyashi ramen, which I definitely ordered when we were at Watami the first time, but to my utter dismay, that item disappeared off the face of the menu. In the end I ordered some fried eel sushi thing which wasn't great and a mentaiko pizza which was great, but which also came with meat. I ended up picking the meat off the pizza.

We adjourned to an Italian alfresco bistro afterwards as it was the only place that was still in semi-operation at 10 pm on a weekday. We wanted the chocolate souffle; I even ordered an iced latte to go along with it (because coffee tastes good with chocolate). But after I placed our orders, the waitress came back to inform me that the souffle was baked in the same oven as their pizzas, and since they were no longer serving main courses, it meant that the souffle was unavailable too.

Ummmmmmmm okay, that's um, nice.

The coffee was a disastrous idea. I was feeling slightly tired after dinner, but after the coffee, I was super alert. I watched two sets of Roger's first-round French Open match against Lopez when I got home at 11.30 p.m. and still didn't feel sleepy after that. In fact, I barely slept the whole night and woke up at 2.40 in cold sweat, literally (had no idea why).

As I told Wei Chuen today, the next time I float the idea of drinking coffee at night, he should pull out all the stops and physically restrain me from doing so, as I am simply unable to resist the lure of a good cup of latte (which last night's latte definitely was).

I thought we had a great date. I hope he thought so too.
Tags: food, roger federer, roland garros, wei chuen

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