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Quick post about yesterday:
  • Wei Chuen and I went shopping;
  • I waited for him while he tried on a shirt and a polo at Burberry (he ended up buying the shirt); he waited for me in the chaotic market that is the Mango sale while I tried on 5 dresses, one of which he selected. I ended up buying 3 dresses, including the one he selected;
  • we had breakfast for dinner at Wild Honey - I ate a burrito which was huge, and he ate some Tunisian thing;
  • he wanted to go to Chatterbox after breakfast dinner but it looked like a food court, so we ended up at Coffee/Crust instead or whatever. I DID NOT EAT ANY DESSERT. I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF; and
  • we laughed at the ridiculous things that some high-end brands produce, like an ugly denim shorts for guys, and an ugly pair of jeans with really ugly black and white floral prints down the legs for women. Seriously, I don't even know.
Actually, all I wanted to say was that he was very sweet for waiting for me in Mango while I tried on clothes. I think I took the same amount of time as he did in Burberry, but still - Mango is scary during the sale. And he waited patiently for me outside.

I love my boyfriend. :)
Tags: food, shopping, wei chuen

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