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2011 Wimbledon final - Djokovic d. Nadal 6-4, 6-1, 1-6, 6-3

(As I typed "Wimbledon" into the subject field, my auto fill reminded me that two years ago, I was happily writing a post about Roger being the greatest of all-time after he defeated Andy Roddick 16-14 in the fifth and broke Pete Sampras' grand slam record. Roger, I miss you. Please come back. :()

If Nadal had only 2 or 3 Grand Slam titles under his belt, I might have joined Wei Chuen in supporting him. As it stands, though, he has 10 Grand Slam titles. That's 6 away from tying Roger and 7 away from breaking Roger's record.

As a Fedtard, a hardcore Federer stan, as someone whose interest in tennis is 100% attributable to this Swiss guy named Roger Federer, I will always root against the person whose number of Grand Slam victories is closest to Roger's. This match, for me, wasn't quite a matter of supporting a player that I like better per se,; it was mostly a matter of supporting Roger's Grand Slam record and rooting for the guy who will leave it intact, at least for one more Grand Slam.

That said, I've always liked Novak Djokovic's style way better than Rafael Nadal's. Nole's turned into the tennis player that I've always thought he should be this season. He's untouchable when he's getting it right - he hits the ball hard, he places the ball accurately, he sets up points with intelligence, he can play at the net, he turns a defensive shot into an offensive one with the blink of an eye. Before, he was known as the King of Retirement for coming up with strange excuses and not finishing matches (most notable for me was his retirement against Andy Roddick in the 2009 Australian Open, when he apparently had breathing issues due to the Australian summer); now, only desperate Rafatards could doubt that his fitness would be good enough to hold up for five sets against Nadal himself. Today, he was just too good for most of the match, especially the second set when he went on a rampage. Nadal couldn't do anything. And the most obvious sign of Nole's maturity as a tennis player? The fact that he served out the match.

Putting aside my absolute RELIEF as a Fedtard, congratulations are in order to Nole. He played a fantastic match against one of the toughest players in his sport. He's the new world #1 on Monday, ending a 300+ week stranglehold on the randking between Roger and Nadal. It's definitely well-deserved after the incredible season he's had, losing only one match.

(I must add, though, that the only match he lost this year was to Roger at the semi-final of the 2011 French Open.)

Anyway, that ends my attempt at being objective. The truth is, I can never be objective about this. If Nole starts raking up the slams and starts threatening Roger's legacy, I will support whoever is playing against him. Tennis is Roger is tennis is Roger to me. I didn't cry after he lost his quarter-final to Tsonga because he lost, not really; I cried because it was one of the most telling signs of his inevitable decline in recent memory, and that led me to thinking about his inevitable retirement which I hope is very far away, and I couldn't help but tear up. I'd rather watch him lose matches than never watch him play ever again. I can appreciate other players, but I will never feel the same way towards them as I feel towards Roger.

Watching the ceremony tonight instantly made me think of the last time I watched the award ceremony at Wimbledon: in 2009 (I didn't bother watching Nadal demolish Tomas Berdych last year. It was boring) when Roger lifted the trophy for the sixth time. And I just couldn't help but wish that it was Roger there instead of Nole.

And, really, no one cried? How disappointing. Again, I couldn't help but see a young Roger's crying face in my mind's eye after he'd won Wimbledon for the very first time in 2003.

All in all, I must say I'm a bit sick of tennis, so I'm glad Wimbledon is over. I'm looking forward to the US Open and the warm-up season. As always, I'm hoping to see Roger lift the US Open trophy for the sixth time come September 11, or whenever the final will be played. That's probably not realistic, but realism has no place in a fan's ardent support of a player who is the reason tennis exists for her in the first place.


In Wimbledon women's singles news, Maria lost to Petra Kvitova in straight sets.

I was hoping she'd win but honestly, I really like Petra, so I can't be too upset about this. I didn't think I'd want to watch it if Maria lost but...I just might watch the match.

Okay, I'm sick of this entry. I shall end off by saying that I love my boyfriend very much. Yes, more than Roger/tennis.
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