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I'm going to Melbourne tomorrow night and am coming back next Tuesday after midnight. The purpose was to help my brother settle into his new life in Melbourne (Monash University) but he's sorted out his accommodation, so there won't be that much to do.

Okay, who am I kidding? This is just an excuse for me to have a holiday and to be acquainted with Melbourne first before I go down for the Australian Open next year. YAY!


On Friday night, Mag and I went down to the Arts House to watch Tris' stand-up comedy act. Before that, we had a quick dinner at the most convenient place, this cafe called Earshot which is located in the Arts House itself. It was both our first time in the Arts House; I personally was surprised and slightly saddened by how quiet and empty it was.

The atmosphere of the building in general seemed to also affect the atmosphere of Earshot. I could see how it would be an attractive place to sit down with a book and a cup of coffee on a lazy afternoon, but I definitely wouldn't want to be hanging around there at night - it was slightly creepy, how little people there were, especially when the day was turning into night.

Anyway, the point of all this is to (of course) complain about our amazing experience at Earshot. Apart from waiting close to half an hour for our food, which nearly made us late for the show, I discovered, towards the end of the show, that I had left an Ermenegildo Zegna bag containing my Blackberry and handphone charges at the cafe. We rushed back down to the cafe and asked the very, very clueless girl whether she'd seen it...and her brilliant reply was, "I didn't notice anything."

Oh em gee. I went back to the table where we were and discovered that the bag was STILL ON THE SEAT. The girl didn't even notice it when she cleared the table.

I mean...sigh.


I would also like to write about what a vastly overrated and unimpressive rip-off Equinox is. My family and I went for the Sunday high tea buffet last week and after this experience, I swear to never, ever go back to Equinox, for whatever reason, ever again.

First, their waitresses are pretty and dressed in a cute pink dress, but I don't give a fuck how good-looking your service staff is if they can't fucking do their jobs properly. I had to wait 15 minutes before I had any water on my table - and I had to ask. It's already a buffet; you don't have to serve any food; so surely the least you could do is to serve some bloody water when the guests sit down, right? And when I leave the table to get more mood, I fully expect my table to be cleared by the time I'm back. That did not happen at least two times. Great service. What a contrast to the impeccable service at Triple 3. The waitresses weren't dressed as nicely, but they could actually do their jobs properly.

Second, the quality of the food was utter shit. I get that it's high tea and high tea food consists of bee hoon and fried chicken wings and all that shit; but the bee hoon shouldn't be too salty, and the fried fish shouldn't be cold. Also, the sign at the pasta station was plainly wrong. There were 3 kinds of pasta to choose from: fusili, spaghetti and linguini. The sign wrote: penne, fusili and spaghetti. Confusing much?

Third, the chopsticks at the sushi section ran out. The chopsticks at the sushi section were not refilled.

Fouth, there were no goddamn teaspoons at the goddamn desserts section.

Fifth, when it was close to the end of the high tea, there was still food at the desserts section, but no goddamn plates.

And Equinox is charging 50 bucks for this shit? Fuck you. Thank goodness we used the American Express one-for-one, or this would have been a greater waste of money than it already was. My mother cooks way better food than the Equinox crap. And seriously, after spending 5 days a week in Raffles Place, I have next to zero interest in the fucking view that I see 5 times a week, so that didn't do anything for me either.

Equinox is clearly a tourist gimmick. It is officially my most hated restaurant in Singapore, for the reasons stated above, and for its sheer pretentiousness and bloated sense of self-importance.


Lastly, I did smash for the first time ever at tennis yesterday and it was a smashing disaster. That's all.


I will miss Wei Chuen when I'm overseas. :(
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