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(Wimbledon 2009) Federer d. Kohlschreiber 6-3, 6-2, 6-7(5), 6-1

The fourth set was really a waste of time because it was obvious he'd win. Phillipp K. got super lucky with the net cord at break point when Roger was serving at 4-3 - the ball scrapped the top of the cord and fell into Roger's. Roger scampered and got it back, but barely, and in futility; he didn't even bother trying to see where Kohlschreiber was hitting it and just walked back to his chair to change his racquet.

Then Roger egregiously missed a forehand immediately after he got back the mini-break in the tie-break, giving Kohlschreiber two set points. Roger saved one. K converted the next one, on his serve, immediately.

Useless third set. Thankfully Kohlschreiber remembered that his role in tennis history is to lose to Roger Federer and double-faulted on break point in first service game of the fourth set. Good on you Philipp! Nice fight, but you're not allowed to win againsg Roger Federer, like, ever. Especially not Wimbledon.

Despite a less-than-stellar showing in the third set, for the first time ever I finally understood why Roger has been deemed the King of Grass. I thought at first it was just because he's won 5 Wimbledons consecutively, but today, sometime in the second set, I finally realised that he's really a different player on grass. It's very subtle, but it's probably obvious to his rabid fans who catch all his matches and schedule their social lives around his matches...okay, I'm talking about myself. Prior to this Wimbledon I didn't watch him on grass extensively save for two Wimbledon finals (2003 and 2005) and the 2001 match against Sampras.

But now, it's all clear now. He really belongs on grass. He can rule on the hard courts and the clay courts as much as he rules on the grass, but he's just different when he plays on this surface. He comes alive, becomes invincible, as if he can do anything, wear down the most formidable, brave of opponents. He's lethal on this surface, and absolutely breath-takingly so.

And of course, his innate elegance and grace fits the grass so perfectly; he's a mix of classic tennis and the modern power baseline game in one person. The old with the new, the classic with the modern, power and beauty all in one.

I swear, I can never - NEVER - tire of watching him play. It's really an artistic experience. It's just amazing. It's simply astounding, the way a mere human being is able to transcend the boundaries of sport and elevate a sport into an art form. And I swear, too, no one else plays tennis like he does.

He's sooo amazing. Poor Robin Soderling is going to get schooled by The Federer a second time in one month. Hahaha.

But like I said to my mom, the sooner all these other players not named Federer realise that their duty to tennis history is to lose to Roger Federer, the better. Because today's fourth set was a waste of time. That's all I can say.

Roger played some amazing points though, especially that miracle retrieve when Kohlschreiber whacked him off the court like crazy at the net. Amazing that Roger got back that volley - and made it a winner. He's amazing.


As for the rest of the field, Tsonga better take Karlovic out of the freaking draw or I'm gonna be pissed. I CANNOT watch another Karlovic match. I've suffered through three this year already, and I really don't want another one.

Lleyton took out Del Pot yesterday. Was I shocked? Yes. Was I happy? Yes. Not because I don't like Del Pot, but because I like Lleyton. He was so happy with beating a top 5 player, it was hard to feel anything else for him. Yay!

In more sour news, Murray hasn't lost yet. What the fuck. Please lose soon, thanks. I hate his guts.

Andy won yesterday too. I forgot who he played. Oh well.


In other news, I'm really tired today. I'm going to shower then sleep. Tennis tomorrow morning! Happiness.

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