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Home incredibly early.

Today was SUCH a slack day. I had to collect my things from BLE today, and a bunch of us decided to leave at 4-something so that we didn't have to go back to work, and I can't believe I'm actually home at 6.39 p.m. It's incredible.

But then, it wasn't entirely slack. I had to finish something before I leave, and I spent a hell lot of time trying to summarise what I found. It took forever. It would've gone on longer if I hadn't had to leave for the Sub Courts. But it's done for now, and that's the only thing that matters.

Okay. This is so totally exciting:


Roger plays the very very first match of the entire tournament, on Centre Court, no less. Duh. Thanks Nadal for pulling out; if not, Roger would've started on Tuesday. YAY! Roger deserves nothing less but a champion's treatment - because that's what he is.

Still really bummed he's playing Lu Yen-Hsun though. Sad to say, my loyalties still lie with Roger. I'd love for a Taiwanese to triumph but not at the expense of my darling Fed. Better luck next year, sorry!


I was royally late for work this morning. I was up till 3.30 in the morning talking on the phone and I was ten minutes late in waking up, and those ten minutes were significant enough to make me 15 minutes late for work (plus traffic was a bitch. My mom drove me). I always leave at the last possible minute, cutting it so close that I'd be right on time for work. So any delay, even a five-minute delay, means I run the risk of running late.

Today was just hopeless. I woke up at 7.40 a.m. When I was done showering and had my eyes on, it was like, 8.15 a.m. It was a miracle I managed to leave the house at 8.30; I usually get out of the shower with my eyes on at like, 7.50 and leave the house at 8.15. I reached work at 9.15 and STILL went for breakfast. But then, I went back to my table at 9.30, the time I usually go back, and I usually reach at 9 so it didn't really make much of a difference.

Lunch today with Rui and Olivia was really fun. Olivia is so funny. We talked about guys, ex-boyfriends, current prospects, if any, and Olivia started sprouting her cute fluffy romantic notions that really amused me. I can't say I completely agreed with what she said, but strangely, it didn't completely repulse me either.

I'd love to reproduce in full what she said but the truth is, I am not equipped, rationally or emotionally or otherwise, to conceive of "cute fluffly romantic notions", and the only way in which I would be able to reproduce, in full or in part, what she said is to write it down at the time of the saying. Clearly I did not do that, so...too bad.

(I don't know why the previous paragraph sounded like some fucking statute. Oh yeah, I know - because I spent two hours on Sunday reading some statute and spent my whole morning reading the same statute. Shit. At this rate, I'd lose whatever little artistic linguistic abilities I possess. Which is really depressing.)

On another note, I realise my Chinese is fucking tragic. I don't even know if "feng he ri li" is a cheng yu. I mean, seriously. Seriously. I'm supposed to know these things, but I don't. Is it because it's too duh and simple and commonplace to be a cheng yu? It's not like "yi ru fan zhang" or whatever. But it's still 4 words. And it confuses me. Maybe I should take Chinese classes instead of French ones when PLC finally starts.

I need to learn French for the sake of my future. And I need to write that paper I've been meaning to write since Year 3 Semester 1.


Saturday night with Tong was quite hilarious. I insisted we took a bus to town because every time we cab he loses like $20 which is bloody ridiculous, and he acceded to my request (okay it was more like I said, "We're taking bus" and he checked a few times to see if I was serious, then he acquiesced) to travel to town via more humble means. But it was utterly disastrous, and it was really not my fault was I supposed to know it was going to pour at 7 p.m. out of nowhere?

I was at the stupid Bukit Panjang interchange waiting for him, seeking "shelter" supposedly, and I swear, my fucking hair and the back of my dress were close to getting really wet. Not soaked, not drenched, just really wet - and I hate getting rain water on my hair if my hair hasn't already been dirtied with sweat (i.e. post-tennis). What a lousy interchange. It reminded me of the useless spectator's stand at NUS that Ben, Serene and I attempted to seek "shelter" at that one time it suddenly stormed while we were playing tennis.

At one point the lightning was so bright and the thunder so loud that the lights actually went out. I was honestly a little bit scared, and was actually really glad to see him when he arrived (so that I could whine to someone about being scared), which really disturbs me because it's so damn girly. Like, seriously? Totally gross, ew, etc. OMG.

But anyway, even if it hadn't rained I think I would've died on the bus. The fucking seat was so hard, my back started to hurt. And it was a really long ride. The problem with going out on Saturday nights is that it's freaking crowded everywhere and driving in those conditions will make my blood pressure shoot up and I'd get ALL annoyed and agitated, which isn't good for the person travelling with me.

Still, maybe next time I'd drive. See my mood. Bussing pisses me off, and cabbing is too expensive.



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